Community work in the Americas

See how our employees are helping create sustainable change in local communities by taking an active role in local projects.

Changing lives in local communities

Local community activities can make a big difference. That’s why a group of our employees decided to create the Community Involvement Programme – a structured programme based on three of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Developed in partnership with The Collaboration Vector Inc., the Community Involvement Programme allows our employees to get directly involved in projects that benefit the local community. All projects within the programme are run in collaboration with non-profit organisations, and are chosen based on their ability to generate long-term sustainable change.


Strengthening ethnic communities in Colombia

We work with FEM International to transfer trade and logistics expertise to Native American Wayuu women in artisanal communities in Northern Colombia’s Guajira region. The programme helps the women promote and sell their products, made using traditional techniques, and so strengthens economic and social conditions within their communities.



Supporting schools in Mexico

The EDUCA foundation is working to increase access to quality education in low-income areas across Mexico. We support the EDUCA programme at the SEDAC School in Mexico City by organising special events and participating in school activities, such as safety programmes and maths classes.



Building a dream library in the Dominican Republic

Working with The DREAM Project, we helped to build a dream library at the Virgen de Carmen School in Santo Domingo, where reading is used as an instrument of change. Today, we work with students at the school to help them improve their basic reading skills.



Giving youth a chance in Costa Rica

We’re working with Lifting Hands to provide equal education opportunities for young people with physical difficulties. We tutor the children to improve academic performance and also funded the redesign of the Lifting Hands community centre to make it more accessible for people with physical difficulties.



Preparing students for work in the US

Together with LEEO and The School Board of Broward County in Florida, we’re helping to prepare Miramar’s high school students for higher education and the workplace. Our volunteers develop and deliver educational programmes, such as simulated business cases, career skills development and resumé coaching. 



Going BEYOND in the US

We worked with His House Children’s Home to create BEYOND, a project for foster children and teens in Miramar, Florida. As part of the project, we organise educational outings and special events. We’re also working to develop a specific ‘life skills’ curriculum to help the children navigate life and career challenges.



Preparing children for employment in Nicaragua

Together with Outreach360, we’re working to create and deliver educational activities – including visits to our offices and container yards – that help children to learn about shipping, logistics, customer service and sales. We’re also developing a mentorship programme to help the children finish school and attend college or find employment.



Building businesses in Honduras

Working with the Humanity & Hope United Foundation, we’re helping unemployed and marginally employed women in La Coroza to build a sustainable pig-rearing business. The business will help them to support their families and enrich their community.



Recycling in Panama

Following the success of our Panama office recycling programme, we’re working with recycling experts Costa Recicla to expand it to other businesses. This is part of Costa Recicla’s efforts to reduce the amount of rubbish in the streets, rivers and sea in and around Costa del Este, a neighbourhood of Panama City.



Helping Brazil's youth build a better future

In partnership with Projeto Arrastão, we’re helping to develop a career preparation programme designed to ready the youth of Brazil for the labour market or entrepreneurship. The programme will help young people to build relationships and better understand valuable work attributes, such as respect, understanding and caring. 



Providing an inclusive school environment in Peru

In collaboration with Fundación Patio Vivo, we’re working to create a safe and inclusive environment at a troubled school. The playground is being transformed into a Learning Landscape to encourage social development and healthy interaction. In addition, the children will learn about healthy eating while building and tending to a vegetable garden.



Helping children with difficult backgrounds in Peru

To kick-off our partnership with the Oli Foundation, we worked with Enseña Perú to put on a Batucada concert together with Belaúnde Terry Elementary School pupils with difficult backgrounds. Enseña Perú continues to work with the children, and we support a leadership programme at the school.



Greener shipping

We’re part of the Maersk Group. When you ship with us – your goods travel greener.