About Sealand – A Maersk Company

We exist to make shipping simpler, by combining in-depth local knowledge with industry-leading expertise.

What we do

We're three regional organisations covering North, Central and South America, far east Asia, Europe, North Africa and the Black Sea area, powered by Maersk - the world's leading shipping company.

We exist to make your shipping simpler and more efficient. We pair your logistics needs with our knowhow and digital tools to put you in control every step of the way. Simple and with a local flavour.

We’re privileged to be part of the larger Maersk business. We give you global reach, scale and stability – while still being your regional partner, just around the corner. 

Our fast, proactive teams ensure prompt support when you need it. We work closely with you to help optimise your logistics today, and understand your business needs of tomorrow. We are your neighbour, we speak your language and we know your market. 

Welcome to Sealand – A Maersk Company.

Where we come from

Our story began with a revolutionary act in 1956. Malcom McLean – a trucking entrepreneur – decided to pack his cargo in standardised compartments, and containerisation was born.


Four years later, Malcom MacLean founded Sea Land Service, Inc. People connected with us immediately. We were the first shipping company in the industry to carefully consider their business needs – and we put them on the leading edge of innovation.


We became part of the A.P. Moller Maersk Group in 1999, giving our customers access to the world’s largest shipping network. Then in 2018, we were honoured to join forces with MCC Transport and Seago Line, two passionate regional brands that pride themselves on being close to their customers.


Today, we connect companies in the Americas, Asia, Europe, North Africa & the Middle East with their key markets. Wherever we work, we combine passionate local teams with an unrivalled global network to move cargo quickly and efficiently.


Leadership team

With regional focus and global coordination, our Executive Board drives our business forward – and ensures we always put our customers at the heart of what we do.

The strength of the Maersk Group

Sealand – A Maersk Company is a regional shipping line, powered by Maersk. As the world’s largest shipping company, the Maersk Group covers ports in almost every country in the world, making around 33,000 port calls a year.
We work with the passion and flexibility of a local brand. But with Maersk at our backs, we also ensure you enjoy the benefits of industry-leading logistics expertise, cutting-edge technology and global reach.

Get to know Maersk

The Maersk Group is a worldwide transport and energy conglomerate, operating in 130 countries.

Propel your business to new horizons

Connect with your key global markets. As a Maersk Company, we give you access to the world’s largest shipping network. Where do you want to go?