Shipping in Italy

Get up-to-date local information about holiday periods, charges, payment services, inland transport procedures and restrictions, and more.

Custom house brokerage

At Sealand Europe and Mediterranean we use our global knowledge and local expertise in customs formalities to ensure a seamless and reliable service for moving your freight across borders. We calculate the cost of moving your cargo, prepare the paperwork that is needed and facilitate communication with government authorities, so you can rest easy knowing your shipment is in safe hands.

Core products

Import Customs Clearance Export Customs Clearance T1 - transit customs clerance Fiscal clearance
Standard Full Customs Declaration, paying Duty & VAT upon arrival in the country in scope to custom release of cargo. Standard Declaration to Customs to gain permission to board an outbound vessel. A customs declarations allowing to move goods between two or more different customs territories. Import customs clearance done in the country of entry to EU while we guarantee that the VAT will be paid in the country of final destination that is a different EU country.
·         Import declarations. ·         Validating T2L (intra EU shipments). ·         Export declarations. ·         Creating T2L for intra EU shipments. ·         Regular T1. ·         Simplified procedure (we do not have it yet but are in the process of obtaining one).  

Additional Custom House Brokerage services

  • EUR1
  • Sanitary / Phytosanitary / Soivre (quality) Certificates
  • Veterinary certificates
  • ECS – Declaring already custom cleared cargo to European customs system.
  • Security declarations – Not included in simplified procedure but must be done before loading a vessel.
  • Scanner Assistance
  • Inspections Assistance 

What is required to complete Customs House Brokerage?

  • POA
  • Commercial Invoice (s)
  • Packing List (s)
  • HS codes of the cargo (voci doganali), 10 digit
  • Bill Of Lading
  • Additional papers may be required based on HS code (e.g. certificates), origin (e.g. ATR) or based on other cargo/customer special needs


Q: What is the Pricing / Cost of these services?
A: Please refer to the pricing schedule shared with you.

Q: What can hold up my Customs Clearance?
A:  Late submission of POA or any other certificate, late payment when no credit, Authorities feedback.

Q: What is an EORI Number and how do I get one?
A: An EORI (Economic Operators Registration & Identification System) Number is a unique reference number issued by Customs to Trader and is required to import or export goods. 

Q: What is a classification number HS Code?
A: A classification number is a unique 10-digit code that relates to a specific product and determines the amount of Duty payable. The Trade Tariff link can provide help and useful tips to enable the customer to classify their products.

Q: Why do I need to provide a classification number HS Code?
A: It is the importers/Exporters legal responsibility to ensure the classification of their products are correct.  

Q: How will I know when my shipment has cleared customs?
A: You will get either an automatic or self-generated email announcement

Q: Who can I contact regarding my Customs Clearance?
A: Please contact – import shipments - export shipments

Q: Who will invoice me for my Customs Clearance?
A: Maersk will raise your invoice for all CHB activities

Q: I have a query regarding my Customs Clearance Invoice, who can I contact?
A: Please contact – import shipments - export shipments

Abbreviations & Explanations

CHB = Customs House Brokerage, Customs Services
VAT = Value Added Tax
EORI = Economic Operators’ Registration and Identification
HTS = Harmonized Tariff Schedule
AEO = Authorized Economic Operator
POA = Power of Attorney (Procura/Mandato)
T1 = Transit Document which allows the movement of non-EU commodity between two customs offices (EU)
T2L = Document which proofs the EU status



Dry containers reuse policy:

As of 1st April 2019 all requests for equipment re-use on Merchant Haulage will be managed through Avantida digital platform.
Your truck carrier will need to register with Avantida at Once registered in the platform, truckers will have access to Avantida 's automated request process, returning accurate responses within minutes and delivering time and overall cost savings.
A charge of 80€ will be applicable for approved equipment re-use requests and is payable directly to Avantida platform.

After 1st April 2019, Sealand Europe and Mediterranean will apply a penalty of 200€ for any Merchant Haulage equipment re-use performed outside of Avantida. 

New Export Pick-Up surcharge tariff - Italy (01 06 2019)

In order to continue to maintain the quality of the services we provide, Sealand Europe and Mediterranean is revising the Export PICK-UP surcharge tariff, effective as of 1st June 2019.

The revised tariff amount is detailed as follows:

Surcharge name Origin Country Pick up location Load port Equipment Type Currency Rate Charge Basis
Pick-Up charge Italy Any terminal or depot different from load port Any port ALL EUR 250 Per Container
Pick-Up charge Italy Any inland hub Any port ALL EUR 250 Per Container


Surcharge name Origin Country Pick up location Load port Equipment Type Currency Rate Charge Basis
Pick-Up charge Italy Venice (Venezia) Genoa DRY EUR 300 Per Container
Pick-Up charge Italy Venice (Venezia) La Spezia DRY EUR 300 Per Container
Pick-Up charge Italy Venice (Venezia) Leghorn (Livorno) DRY EUR 300 Per Container
Pick-Up charge Italy Venice (Venezia) Genoa REEFER EUR 350 Per Container
Pick-Up charge Italy Venice (Venezia) La Spezia REEFER EUR 350 Per Container
Pick-Up charge Italy Venice (Venezia) Leghorn (Livorno) REEFER EUR 350 Per Container
Pick-Up charge Italy Catania Any port DRY & 40' REEFER EUR 0 Per Container
Pick-Up charge Italy Naples Salerno ALL EUR 0 Per Container
Pick-Up charge Italy Salerno Naples ALL EUR 0 Per Container

Import containers drop off policy

All Customers can require delivery at an Italian inland depot or at a different port area than discharge ports at the following conditions:

- Sealand Europe and Mediterranean reverts with written authorization.

- Container number to be dropped off is timely communicated to customer service import at it.import@Sealand.COM

- Import customer accepts by written confirmation the following Drop Off fee for delivering ex import containers discharged in any Italian port.

Inland Depots

20' DRY unit: 50 euro 

40' DRY/HIGH CUBE unit: 70 euro


Drop off to other port area (different from discharge port area):

20’ DRY 250 euro

40' DRY/HIGH CUBE unit: 250 euro


1.    Specific container numbers drop off (off hire units) may not be authorized in alternative areas.

2.    Container drop off might be restricted in case of surplus at requested destination depots. 

3.    Sealand Europe and Mediterranean will send container acceptance instructions to depots as soon as authorised.


Email your local office

If you want to speak to a sales person about a new shipment or have a question about your existing shipment, you can email us. If you have a more immediate question, you can search for help online or contact us by phone