Shipping in The Netherlands

Seago Line’s feeder services connect ports in North Europe to our reliable mainliner network, serving the entire European region from the Black Sea through the Mediterranean to the North Atlantic and the Baltic Sea.

Our Dutch office has access to Europe’s largest container equipment pool for both dry and reefer containers, and also offers services like inland haulage and eBusiness integration solutions.

Seago Line’s dedicated team works hard to shape our schedule around the needs of customers from a wide range of industries in the Netherlands and Switzerland. We pride ourselves on the speed and thoroughness of our service.

Contact us for quotations, booking and other enquiries. Let us take the hassle out of container shipping for you.

General enquiries


Cluster Manager Nesrine El Sawy +49 15 15 51066 89
Sales Manager Iwan-Marc Loen +31 10 712 7327
Outside Sales executive Marjolein van Lent +31 10 712 7329
Outside Sales executive Maike Fokma +31 10 712 7328
Inside Sales executive Jouk de Kovel +31 10 712 7331
Inside Sales executive Patricia Opdebeeck +31 10 712 7484
Sales Support Executive Arash Rezaei +31 10 712 7334
Customer Service Supervisor Surendra Haarnack +31 10 712 7482
Client Coordinator Export Emile Blom +31 10 712 7070
Client Coordinator Export Erik Zomer +31 10 712 7070
Client Coordinator Export Martin Attema +31 10 712 7070
Client Coordinator Export Robert Holierhoek +31 10 712 7070
Client Coordinator Export Svetlana Datsyuk +31 10 712 7070
Client Coordinator Import Gina Chau +31 10 712 7070
Client Coordinator Import Maarten Pedroli +31 10 712 7070

Rotterdam (Main Office)


Maersk Boompjes 40

3011 XB Rotterdam


Opening Hours

Mon-Fri 08:00-17:30

Email your local office

If you want to speak to a sales person about a new shipment or have a question about your existing shipment, you can email us. If you have a more immediate question, you can search for help online or contact us by phone