Your meat and dairy – super-fresh on arrival

Your meat and dairy produce will reach its destination quicker and in better condition with our world-leading reefer solutions.

Keep your customers happy with agile thinking

The meat and dairy market moves quickly, and so should your supply chain. We’ll make sure your perishable cargo arrives in perfect condition, even if your delivery dates or destinations change en-route.

To ensure top quality, your fresh or frozen cargo travels in a sealed remote-controlled container and our seamless intermodal services give you an unbroken cold chain from pick-up to final destination.

What’s more, our faster transit times and agile thinking ensure your supply chain runs more smoothly, even during busy periods.

Be in control with Remote Container Management (RCM)

Your chilled or frozen meat and dairy will now arrive in better condition. Remote Container Management (RCM) enables you to accurately monitor the conditions in your container from the moment your goods are locked inside, right up to delivery at final destination.

And, because you know the exact location of your cargo at all times, you can react to market changes faster – as and when they occur.

  • Ensure better quality on arrival by monitoring the temperature, humidity and CO2 levels inside your container
  • Maintain the perfect environment for your cargo with in-transit adjustments
  • React more quickly to market changes by knowing the exact location of your cargo
  • Document transport conditions for the entire journey with simpler data retrieval

Re-route in an instant with our Change of Destination service

React faster to new market opportunities with our Change of Destination service. With our prompter personal assistance and agile thinking, we can re-route your shipment – quickly and easily.

Enjoy greener shipping solutions 

Reduce your impact on the environment. Our energy-efficient vessels are more fuel-efficient than traditional cargo ships, and Quest II refrigeration technology chills containers faster and more efficiently than ever before. 


Are you ready to ship?

If you have any questions, just contact your Sealand – A Maersk company local office. We’re always ready to help.