Sealand - A Maersk Company in the Americas Expands West Coast Central America's Offering

Sealand - A Maersk Company in the Americas is pleased to announce the expansion of the West Coast Central America (WCCA) offering with the WCCA and WCCA2 services as of July 2018 (subject to FMC approval).  
The services’ re-designed rotations will provide competitive transit times, service reliability, and assist in serving the Intra-Americas market better.  
Other benefits of the WCCA and WCCA2 network includes:

  • Four (4) sailings a week out of California including Long Beach, Oakland, Los Angeles and Hueneme
  • The re-designed services offer a direct connection to/from California to Costa Rica as well as to/from Mexico to Costa Rica
  • Access to Port Hueneme – a port specialized in servicing refrigerated cargo 
  • A total of 9 vessels with high-plug intake

The first sailing of the re-designed WCCA and WCCA2 services is scheduled to begin in July 2018 (subject to FMC approval).  
The service’s rotations will be:  
WCCA: Los Angeles, Port Hueneme, Lazaro Cardenas, Puerto Quetzal, Acajutla, Balboa, Paita, Guayaquil, Balboa, Caldera, Puerto Quetzal, Lazaro Cardenas, Ensenada

  • To download the maps of the WCCA service, click here.

WCCA2: Long Beach, Oakland, Lazaro Cardenas, Corinto, Caldera, Balboa, Corinto, Acajutla, Lazaro Cardenas

  • To download the maps of the WCCA2 service, click here.

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