Shipping in Argentina

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Procedure / Requirements


  • It is a legal requirement that all Bills of Lading (B/L) must have a notify party in Argentina. 
  • Only for Argentina and Paraguay imports, are “Negotiable B/L Shipped on board” or “Negotiable B/L Receipt for Shipment” document type accepted.
  • Both to order B/Ls and to get documentation release they must be endorsed by Shipper and then by Consignee.
  • Originals must be submitted at Customs (one at Buenos Aires Customs, and another one at our office properly endorsed for cargo release). 
  • Argentina Customs will not release containers under one B/L unless the whole lot arrives in the same vessel. Cargo under same bill, covered by one commercial invoice and one certificate of origin must arrive to Argentina in the same vessel, otherwise first lot will be held by Customs until rest of the lot arrives 
  • As it is stated in AFIP’s General Resolution 2744 and 2879, CUIT and NCM must be declared in imports manifest (SIM) for each shipment, as long as the consignee is not a forwarder. 
    • This must be the one related to the cargo with the highest value and its first 6 digits must be written on body of bill of ladings without exception. 
    • It is mandatory to submit this information, therefore if not presented cargo will not be discharged at the mentioned port and will remain on board. 
    • In case of consignees being forwarders which proceed with a deconsolidation manifest, NCM information will not be manifested but bills of lading must include the legend “consolidated cargo” on body of bills.

Restrictions - Argentina

  • Humanitarian help and diplomatic cargo: No collect charges accepted in destination. All destination charges must be prepaid in origin.
  • Used Tyres & Explosives: shipments containing this type of cargo are not accepted at any port of Argentina.
  • IMO 1 (all ranges):shipments containing this type of cargo are not accepted using Buenos Aires as a transhipment port for Paraguay, Uruguay and Patagonia final destinations.
  • Personal effects: Due to the complexity of business and local cargo release procedures, personal effects and/or household goods shipments with final destination Argentina can only be accepted if the consignee is a company (for example a freight forwarder or an international moving company) and not a physical person.
  • 45’ foot containers: Customer must obtain special permission from authorities to pick up this type of containers; otherwise units must be stripped at port terminal.


Demurrage / Detention / Free time

To view the detailed information for Demurrage and Detention in Argentina, please click here.

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