Import solutions from shore, to door.

Import Solution Bundles to cover your logistics and minimise interruptions, closing the gaps in your Supply Chain.

✓ Budget-friendly, easy import solutions built to reduce costs and improve efficiency in Vietnam.
✓ Speed-focused import solutions for time-sensitive cargo in Vietnam.
✓ End-to-end logistics solutions from warehousing to last mile delivery for ease, speed and visibility.

Choosing the right Import Logistics Services Bundle

Vietnam’s quickly growing economy requires more than a fixed formula logistics approach. As a business operating in this region, you need visibility and efficiency across your operations to minimise errors, delays and increased costs.

With Sealand’s Import Logistics services for Vietnam, our expert team offers your business access to vast inland networks as part of our packaged logistics solutions bundles. We apply insights from invaluable Vietnamese trade data to tailor import logistics solutions made for Vietnam, to meet your needs and expectations.

Our bundle of supply chain solutions cover reliable landside transportation to connect key hubs and cross-border connectivity, simple customs clearance, storage and warehouse management, and powerful digital tools to boost the visibility and predictability of your supply chain. Choose from our curated suite of leading supply chain and inland services, based on the commodity you need to move, the size of operations, and your industry.
Import Logistics Solutions

Which bundle is best for your business?

Our end-to-end, full-service solutions bundles offer a single point of contact, more flexibility and better insight. Landside transportation and teams create more efficiencies to help you boost your supply chain’s productivity. You can choose your ideal bundle below, or reach out to speak to an expert if you need help deciding.
Stay ahead of your competitors with cost-effective and unified solutions bundle to optimize your supply chain and reduce operational overheads.
Move your goods with speed and clear visibility with this bundle. Add accuracy and agility to your production planning, so you can easily respond to your customers' quickly changing demands.
Get control, speed and visibility with this comprehensive logistics services bundle. Fortify and transform your supply chain with efficient services and quick responses.
For a full breakdown of our bundles, view our Services Page.

The benefit of partnering with Sealand

Handle your logistics operations with ease and speed

Now, benefit from E2E solutions and services built to make your operations in Vietnam faster and seamless. Incorporate agility into your supply chain, from CHB to inland delivery.

Level up with cost-efficient and reliable solutions

Get containers from ports to destinations within an agreed-upon timeframe, at competitive rates. Reduce inefficiencies and optimize cost to scale with your business.

Talk to one partner from start to finish

When you have a single point of contact, you reduce the number of transactions or interactions you make. Be unstoppable with expertise in both ocean carrier and inland logistics.

Discover the real value of importing with Sealand

Choose your bundle according to your needs and costs

Prefer to focus on your logistics’ spending? Need speedy delivery instead? For cost-effective, quick or comprehensive and quality-driven services, select your suite of logistics services from our range of bundled service offerings made just for Vietnam.


Experience simpler customs clearance

Get your own Sealand customs broker to handle import declarations with compliance, so you can ship time-sensitive cargo smoothly, and without delays. As local experts, we cut through the red tape on customs clearance processes, so you can enjoy a straightforward customs clearance experience, and have the shortest time to market.

Pay it all with one invoice

Tired of dealing with multiple invoices and separate payment deadlines? With our Vietnam Import Logistics, you get a unified invoice for everything (from the cargo liner and import charges, to trucking, and even customs brokerage). Remove multiple pay points to move your cargo so you can enjoy uninterrupted shipping.


Improve visibility and control

Complete visibility means better coordination and control. Through close collaboration and transparency, you can plan your next steps and analyze past performance to optimize for the future. With our logistics bundles, you can access notifications about your cargo via email, Zalo or SMS, phone call, or Maersk Flow for Sealand.


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