Sealand Customs services in Vietnam

Explore our customs clearance capabilities in Vietnam and let us handle all your import and export cargos formalities at both origin and destination.


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Core Services

Import customs clearance

Standard full import customs clearance process

  • Full Customs Declaration upon arrival in the country in scope to gain release of the cargo for onward delivery.
  • Guidance on correct merchandise
  • fiscal classification, on the type of operation, on the existent commercial trade agreements that you can benefit from.


  • Import Customs Declaration
  • other regulation application
  • Inward + outward processing

Export customs clearance

  • Standard full export customs clearance process


  • Export Customs declaration Export Document preparation Cargo pickup

Sealand Customs services Consultancy (Additional Services )

CHB consultancy providing information on the certificates/licenses needed for each type of commodity, Customs Regulations, Classification of HS Code, Tax Re-fund, Tax advice, Import-Export license

  • HS Code, Customs Regulations, COO, FTA, Tax advice / re-fund

What is required to complete Sealand Customs services?

Mandatory Documents for Imports:

  • Commercial Invoice(s)
  • Bill of lading
  • Packing List(s)

Mandatory Documents for Exports:

  • Commercial Invoice(s)
  • Packing List(s)

Additional documents (where applicable)

  • Import Licences
  • Health/Conformity Certificates
  • Certificate of Origin ( if any)


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