Shipping in Brazil

Get up-to-date local information about import procedures and restrictions, demurrage and detention, container pick-ups and more.

Procedure / Requirements

  • NCM (Harmonized Cargo code) is a mandatory information in all export BLs and must be inserted on cargo description field.
  • Consignee must be a Brazilian company. It’s mandatory to state the name, complete address, phone, and CNPJ (tax reference) information in all BLs.
  • CAPATAZIA (CAP) or Terminal Handling Charge (THC) can not be included on BAS charge. It must be mentioned separately on any BL with destination to any BRZ port and preferably in BRL currency.
  • It’s mandatory to inform if package is wooden made and if it is fumigated, stating:
    • Wooden Package used: Processed
    • Wooden Package used: Treated / Certified
    • Wooden Package used: Not Treated / Not certified
    • If Shipping Instruction does not contain such information, we will consider there is no wooden package inside the container(s) mentioned on Bl.
  • SEAL NUMBER is a mandatory information required by Customs to all cases, discharge in BRZ, T/S and FROB cargoes.


  • Freight and Charges: mandatory information in all import B/Ls to Brazil.
  • Freight as per agreement is not accepted.
  • BAS, DTHC & all collect charges always to be printed. Negative charges are not allowed in Brazil.
  • Cargo House / Pier (CFS): it is not accepted.
  • Sea Way Bill (SWB) is not accepted. It can only be accepted for Credit Customers & Same Consignment (Shipper and Consignee same company or group).
  • Received for Shipment is not allowed
  • Telex Release is not accepted.


Demurrage / Detention / Free time

To view the detailed information for Demurrage and Detention in Brazil, please click here.

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