Shipping in Cambodia


Get up-to-date local information about import procedures and restrictions, demurrage and detention, container pick-ups and more.



 *Important: effective from May 2017, we stopped accepting all used cargoes imported into Cambodia transshipped via Vietnam ports due to transshipment customs law of Vietnam. Please ensure that you contact with for any question about such routing acceptance.

Effective 01 October 2006, all shipping documents including manifests and Bills of Lading must be updated with REAL shipper and REAL local consignee details. This includes completion of address, telephone and fax numbers. In addition, cargo manifest and Bill of Lading at vessel clearance stage must be exactly the same as per Bill of Lading Submission at cargo clearance stage for easy verification of its correctness.

1. Real/ultimate shipper and local consignee must be declared in manifest.

2. Attach house Bill of Lading showing real/ultimate shipper and consignee and send it to import team ( and for customs submission.

3. No need to describe real shipper and consignee in the description or shipping marks of master Bill of Lading as customs need house Bill of Lading to be attached with carrier Bill of Lading upon submission of manifest to customs for vessel clearance.


Feeder Cargo Availability
Tue Arrival Wed 08:00
Fri Arrival Sat 08:00


Commodities restrictions

Absolute Restriction:

- Right Handed Cars/Vehicles

- Plastic Scraps

- Used Plastics

- Used Shoes

- Used Tired

- Toxic or Hazardous Products

- Charcoal

- Raw Cotton

- Coal

- Bible

- Game Machine

- Used commodity from FUKUSHIMA


Permit Documents Required

- Dangerous Cargoes

* Please send an email to and prior to acceptance.

Customs Requirement

With effective from 15 December 2003 onwards, Cambodian Customs requires all Import and Transit cargoes to be manifested with Full Address of Shipper and Full Address of Final Consignee. For SOC boxes, Full Address of Shipper and Full Address of Final Consignee are also required in attachment. All containers which are manifested only by company name (without address) will not be allow to discharge/transit and will have to return back to transit port. 



- All kinds of Used commodity, Personal Effects, and Reefer Cargoes (Restricted to discharge at Phnom Penh Port)

Road limitation to/from Phnom Penh ICD

13.0 tons per 20’DC include container tare weight
24.3 tons per 40’DC/40’HC include container tare weight 


Weight / measurement

Maximum gross weight limit is 30.5T/20’DC and 30.5T/40’DC (for CY term only)

Demurrage & Detention

Email your local office

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