Shipping in China North

Get up-to-date local information about import procedures and restrictions, demurrage and detention, container pick-ups and more.

Import Restrictions

Waste Cargo Waste cargo is not accepted in North China port. Any special request for waste cargo import need to check with import CS case by case.
DG Tianjin do not accept DG import, SILICON SPHERE not accepted.
Qingdao can not accept IMO 1/2.3/6.2/7 and the accepted dangerous cargo must be still based on our company’s specific regulations.
Weight Limit Container over 40 tons need to apply side-released 24hours before discharge without any delay. Consignee should arrange trucking in due time otherwise need to absorb related terminal cost for terminal and carrier.
ULAANBAATAR weight limitation: 30480kg (include cargo and container tare).

Import Shipping Agents

POD/港口 Agent /船代 Contact Person Contact Number
联系人 联系电话
Qingdao/青岛 青岛港国际物流有限公司 仉桐 0532-82971619
中国青岛外轮代理有限公司 李华林 0532-82916550
山东中外运船务代理有限公司 郑凯 0532-82898154
Xingang/天津 中国天津外轮代理有限公司 孟繁晨 022-66706853
Dalian/大连 辽宁中外运船务代理有限公司 刘天一 0411-82551652
Lianyungang/连云港 中国连云港外轮代理有限公司 邹磊 0518-82231756
江苏中外运船务代理有限公司 孙茹 0518-82315074
中创物流(连云港)有限公司 卢静 0518-82233056

Local Charges

进口费用明细 费率(元) 征收标准
Local charge Details Rate (CNY) Measure
目的港文件费 (DDF)
Destination Document Fee
450 提单/Bill
目的港港口操作费 (DTHC)
Destination Terminal Handling Fee
775 20' GP/ TANK
1155 40' GP/HIGH
1585 45' HIGH
Reefer Cleaning Charge
150 20' REEF
250 40' REEF

Demurrage / Detention

Import freetime is calculated from the day container discharged. Standard freetime and detention tariff(RMB) are shown as following:

Container Size 1-4 Days 5-10 Days 11-20 Days 21 Days and Above
REEFER Container 20' Free 330 455 909
40' Free 606 909 1818


Container Size 1-7 Days 8-12 Days 13-20 Days 21 Days and Above
Dry Container 20' GP Free 100 200 360
40' GP Free 200 400 660
40' HQ Free 200 400 720
45' HQ Free 220 440 840
Special Container 20' Free 210 420 570
40' Free 285 570 855


1) Import DnD Calculator Instructions 进口滞箱费计算器使用方法


2) Import DnD Calculator 进口滞箱费计算器

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