Shipping in China North

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Customer Handbooks

Website Handbooks

Handbook for E-payment 如何在线付款

Handbook for Booking Cancellation 如何在线取消订舱

Handbook for Arrival Notice  如何订阅 到货通知

Handbook for BL Copy 如何查看或更改或确认提单样本

Handbook for BL Notification 如何订阅 提单

Handbook for Booking (DG)  如何订舱 (危险品)

Handbook for Booking 如何订舱

Handbook for Cargo Tracking 如何追踪货柜

Handbook for Combine SI 如何合单

Handbook for Download BL 如何查看或打印正本和SWB

Handbook for Download Booking Confirmation  如何下载订舱确认

Handbook for ETA Notification 如何订阅 ETA Notification

Handbook for Invoice Dispute 如何查看账单和申报争议 

Handbook for Register 如何注册

Handbook for Remarks in Booking and SI 订舱和SI的标准备注格式

Handbook for Re-submit SI 如何重新提交SI

Handbook for Schedule Checking 如何查询船期 

Handbook for SI Status 如何查看SI是否有成功提交 

Handbook for SI 如何提交SI 

Handbook for Split BL (Multiple Containers) 如何分单 (多个柜子) 

Handbook for Split BL (Single Container) 如何分单 (一个柜子)

Handbook for Vessel Schedule 如何查询船舶信息和动态 

Handbook for VGM Submission 如何提交VGM


Other Handbooks

Counter Business Handbook 柜台操作手册

2019 Qingdao Workshop 2019年青岛客户培训资料

2019 Dalian Workshop 2019年大连客户培训资料

2019 Tianjin Workshop 2019年天津客户培训资料

2018 Client Workshop for Qingdao Port Customer 2018年青岛港客户培训资料

Documentation Requirement for Bangladesh 孟加拉文件要求 

Dry Cargo Acceptance Guidline 特殊品名订舱注意事项

General Documentaion Requirement 近洋国家基本要求 

Handbook for New Export Customer 华北新客户操作手册(出口)

Payment Option

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1. Bank  Payments:

Collection account Office MCC China North
ICBC bank TST CNY-3803020129220000659 /USD-3803020109811012632
ICBC bank TJN CNY-0302061029300085459 /USD-0302061009910035719
ICBC bank DAI CNY-3400200319004807173/USD-3400200309114248141

2. OFAC embargoed shipments 

Shipment from/to Cuba, North Korea, Sudan or Syria are under United States of America (U.S.) trade sanctions (OFAC embargoed shipments), payment for the related invoice(s) must be made to paid in Renminbi currency.

Documents cannot be released for payments made to the incorrect account, and Maersk Line will not be held responsible for incorrect payments..

Rate of Exchange

Remittance Currency
It’s mandatory that all Payments are settled in the invoice currency which is shown in the “Total” column of the invoice. Any discrepancy in currency could result in delays in release of delivery orders and/ or bill of ladings.

Please find below exchange for the specific ETA/ETD on your invoices

Import Arrival /
Export Departure Date
 31-01-2020 7.02535 7.93019 0.14809 0.13119 0.90362 1.15137 7.75782
 30-01-2020 7.02535 7.93019 0.14809 0.13119 0.90362 1.15137 7.75782
29-01-2020 7.02301 7.92396 0.14814 0.13130 0.90403 1.15085 7.75782
28-01-2020 6.99781 7.92684 0.14868 0.13125 0.90046 1.15541 7.75782
27-01-2020 7.00373 7.92367 0.14855 0.13130 0.90158 1.15398 7.75782
26-01-2020 7.02556 7.92773 0.14809 0.13124 0.90392 1.15098 7.82454
25-01-2020 7.02556 7.92773 0.14809 0.13124 0.90392 1.15098 7.82454
24-01-2020 7.02556 7.92773 0.14809 0.13124 0.90392 1.15098 7.82454

For historical record daily exchange rate click » here

Email your local office

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