Shipping in Cyprus

Get up-to-date local information about import procedures and restrictions, demurrage and detention, container pick-ups and more.


Import & Export

Whether you’re looking to import or export goods, Seago Line wants to make it easier for you to do business. Below you will find all the information you need on our import and export procedures, restrictions and new surcharge structure.

Manual Documentation Fee

From November 1st 2016, all shipping instruction submissions for your shipments must be submitted through or any other online platform (EDI, INTTRA etc.).

In case that you still wish to submit the shipping instructions manually, a Manual Documentation Fee (MDF) is applied.

Demurrage / Detention / Free time

Freetime & Demurrage

At Seago Line we want to make it easier for you to work out the financial cost of shipping your cargo. Below is an explanation of the demurrage, detention, freetime and surcharges that might be applied to containers set for both import and export.


DAY 20' 40' 45'
11 TO18 20EUR 40EUR 40EUR
19- 40EUR 80EUR 80EUR



DAY 20' 40' 45'
6 TO 16 60EUR 120EUR 120EUR
17- 80EUR 160EUR 160EUR

 Services, surcharges and fees

Local surcharges 2014 - Cyprus Currency Amount 2014 Rate basis Description
Cargo Declaration Amendment Fee EUR 18 Per Bill of Lading (B/L) A fee that covers re-submission of necessary information required by Customs due to an amendment request that is made by the customer after the carrier has submitted the documentation to local customs authorities.
Change of Destination USD 300 Per Container


This is a service provided by carrier upon the customer’s request to amend the destination/delivery after a container is gated in at the port of origin, but prior to the arrival at the port of discharge.

This service will not apply in the following scenarios:

- Return shipment

- Re-export

- Inland change request

- Extending inland haulage (Imports process)

Seago Line may refuse this service if it is not operationally possible, or if any regulatory limitations exist.



Detention in Transit (admin fee - not incl. day rent)







Per Container




The carrier has the ability to hold shipments at transshipment ports until further instructions are received from the customer.

This gives the customers the flexibility to delay the cargo arrival, when it assists them in their business.

Note: the carrier is unable to hold containers longer than 14 days unless the customer submits a written letter of indemnity to the carrier which states that the carrier will not be liable for any cargo damage not covered by Insurance during the extra detention period.

The DIT charge is applicable based on the request by the customer and subject to the carrier’s acceptance.



Genset Service EUR 100 Per Container Service provided by the carrier to supply a Generator set for reefer containers during inland moves (merchant and carrier haulage).
Inland Haulage Cancellation Fee 1 x Inland Haulage Per Container The fee is applicable when a truck haulage is cancelled after the deadline specified in the booking confirmation. A wasted journey charge is invoiced by the carrier’s haulage providers and charged back to the customer.
Inland Haulage Waiting Time Fee EUR 50 Per Hour This fee is applied to shipments when trucks have to wait due to customer delays. This is if chassis is used.
Manual Booking Fee EUR 15 Per Bill of Lading (B/L)


A fee which covers the additional administration required by the carrier to process booking instructions received via non e-channel.

These are known as manual bookings.

Manual bookings are: fax, e-mail, posted mail, and telephone.

This fee will be applied in addition to the standard ODF/DDF charges when a customer makes a booking via manual booking channels.



Manual Documentation Processing Fee EUR 12 Per Bill of


Lading (B/L)




This fee covers the additional administration required to process shipping instructions received via non e-channel. These are known as manual booking channels.

Manual booking channels are: fax, e-mail, posted mail, and telephone.

The fee is applicable when documentation is received by the carrier via manual booking channels.

This will be in addition to the MBF charge if the shipment is also booked via manual booking channels.



Switch Transport Document EUR 50 Per Bill of


Lading (B/L)




This service is provided by the carrier to 'switch' transport documents (B/L's) to show new parties by issuing a 2nd set of documents.

A 'switch' is used to prevent the shipper from being visible to the buyer and protects the interests of the cargo intermediary.

The service is applicable upon the customer’s request for this service.






Email your local office

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