Shipping in France

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Deadlines and sevice

Services et clotures

Service Terminal Ports ETA ETS Cargo Cut-Off DGD definitives/signees VGM
Mediterranean Sea Seayard XL Fos-Sur-Mer Mardi Mardi Lundi 15h00 Vendredi 12h00 Lundi 17h00
Marmara Sea Seayard XL Fos-Sur-Mer Jeudi Vendredi Mercredi 15h00 Mardi 15h00 Mercredi 17h00
Algiers Sea Seayard XL Fos-Sur-Mer Samedi Samedi Vendredi 12h00 Mercredi 12h00 Vendredi 13h00
Ligurian Sea Seayard XL Fos-Sur-Mer Mercredi Jeudi Mardi 15h00 Lundi 15h00 Mardi 17h00
433 Service TN MSC 2000 Le Havre Vendredi Dimanche Jeudi 15h00 Mercredi 15h00 Jeudi 17h00
437 Service TN MSC 2000 Le Havre Mardi Mercredi Lundi 17h00 Vendredi 15h00 Lundi 17h00

Navires & Ports par service

Service ports Navires
Mediterranean Sea Fos/Mer-Valence-Algeciras-Alexandrie-Mersin-Haifa Maersk Norfolk - Safmarine Nakuru - Maersk Newport
Marmara Sea Fos/Mer-Thessalonique-Canakkale-Ambarli-Izmit-Gemlik-Canakkale-Izmir Nele Maersk- Horace A- Yanki A- Cinzia A - Milan Trader
Algiers Sea Fos/Mer-Algiers Port k Stream - Contship eco - Star Comet
Ligurian Link Fos/mer-Barcelone-Valence -Casablanca Nexoe Maersk - Contship Top
433 Service Le Havre - Port Said- MSC Danit- Maersk Edinburgh- Maersk Ensenada
437 Service Le Havre- Port Tangiers Edith Maersk- MSC New York- Eleonora maersk -Estelle Maersk- Maersk Emden

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