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Get up-to-date local information about import procedures and restrictions, demurrage and detention, container pick-ups and more.


Import & Export

Whether you’re looking to import or export goods, Seago Line wants to make it easier for you to do business. Below you will find all the information you need on our import and export procedures, restrictions and new surcharge structure.



Cargo declaration restrictions:

Greek deadlines for import cargo declarations :

Dangerous (IMO) cargo declaration: Three (3) working days prior to the vessel's arrival
Cargo declaration : Two (2) working days prior to the vessel's arrival.

All declarations submitted to Greek Port Authorities have to be translated into Greek.

Taking into consideration the amount of work necessary to have all cargo timely and correctly declared, it is vital that all containers to be discharged at a Greek port are duly manifested at their port of origin, within the above mentioned deadlines. No factice/proforma bill of lading will be accepted by the Greek port authorities.

Any deviation to the above rules and deadlines, result in custom's fines from 300 to 900 EUR.

Very important: Failure to provide full IMO declaration on time, may even result in the coast guards prohibiting vessels entry to port.

Commodity restrictions:

  • Cigarette acceptance

    Piraeus: All import shipments of cigarettes via Piraeus port are accepted only under CY basis.

    Thessaloniki: All import shipments of cigarettes via Thessaloniki ports are accepted only on CY basis.

    Transit cargo: Both merchant and carrier haulage of shipments of cigarettes in transit to all Balkan destinations (Serbia-Montenegro, Kosovo, FYROM, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Romania) are not accepted.

  • Animal products
    Import of frozen pork meat ex Brazil and China is prohibited irregardless whether cargo is for final destination Greece or Balkan countries.

Weight / Measurement restrictions:


20 DRY 27 tn
40’ DRY 26 tn
40’ HIGH 26 tn
20’ REEF 27 tn
40 REEF 26 tn
20’ OPEN 27 tn
40’ OPEN 26 tn
40’ FLAT 26 tn

Special cargo restrictions:

  • Reefer containers destined to Piraeus are not accepted in CY/CFS basis.

  • Other OOG, B/B and IMO cargo are subject to standard Maersk Line approval procedures.

  • Full containers with IMO cargo that are also temperature controlled, can not be accepted for plugging at Piraeus port. Maersk Line liability stops upon container discharging at Piraeus port.

  • IMO containers will not be accepted by Piraeus terminal neither for stripping nor for stuffing at port warehouses. CFS bs/l of IMO cargo to/from Piraeus port will not be accepted.

Please pay extra attention to the following applicable charge for the mentioned "sensitive" cargoes:

- Additional expense of EUR 550 per unit is applied for issuance of bank guarantee and administration fee for the following commodities, which are characterized from EU as "sensitive" cargoes:

a. Milk & milk products condensed and non condensed, including powdered milk and cream

b. Butter and other spreads that contain milk

c. Bananas both fresh and dry

d. Cane sugar, sugar beet and chemically pure sweeteners in dry form

e. Beef meat and frozen beef meat trimmings

* offel, tripe, heart, head and cheek meat are excluded

Following goods are also considered as sensitive products but require more cost/expenses

f. Alcohol drinks with more than 80% alcohol level

g. Distilled products, liquor and other alcoholic drinks

h. Manufactured tobacco and cigarettes

* excluding tobacco leaves

* The above mentioned charges are applied wherever the following customs transshipments are concerned:

- Customs transshipment from Greek customs to any customs office in the Balkans.

- Customs transshipment from any Greek customs office to another customs office in Greece.

Household effects from Piraeus port - documentation requirements:

  • Original b/l fully endorsed or 3/3 original bs/l
  • Original T2L doc
  • Packing list translated into Greek (Greek Embassy)
  • Authorization for our custom broker to clear cargo must be stamped from local consignee. Consignee's signature should be certified from local authorities
  • Application of article 105 with consignee's signature, certified from local authorities, informing our port authorities that container does not contain guns, drinks, cigarettes or drugs
  • Certified copy of consignee's passport from local authorities

B/l clauses, documentation restrictions:

  • Through bills of lading can be issued for any destination within Greece.
  • Sea waybills ( WB ) are accepted.
  • For all bs/l in and out of Greece please add following clause
  • "Where the container has not been stuffed by carrier, carrier has no access to the cargo and cannot verify the current condition, quantity and quality of same, as described by shipper"

Special customs requirements:

  • For Maersk Hellas to perform a Door delivery (only available for cargo originating from an EEU country) a T2L document is required.
  • Cargo details declared by shipper in OBL ( i.e.. cargo description, quantity, weight etc ) should be identical with relevant information stated in the T2L document and the commercial invoice.

Other restrictions:

Waiting time for stuffing/unstuffing at Piraeus port: 2 hours free and after that EURO 23.5 per additional hour.

PIRAEUS 20 DC 40 DC 20 RF 40 HRF 20' IMO 40' IMO
THC (terminal handling changes) 135 EUR 135 EUR 135 EUR 135 EUR 255 EUR 255 EUR
IMP 130 EUR 130 EUR 130 EUR 130 EUR 130 EUR 130 EUR
TOTAL 265 EUR 265 EUR 265 EUR 265 EUR 385 EUR 385 EUR
THC (terminal handling charges) -->payable by customer DIRECTLY AT PORT 90 EUR 125 EUR 90 EUR 125 EUR 132 EUR 182 EUR
IMP 155 EUR 185 EUR 155 EUR 185 EUR 155 EUR 185 EUR
TOTAL 245 EUR 310 EUR 245 EUR 310 EUR 287 EUR 367 EUR

Days of stay 20 DC 40 DC
Days 1 - 2 free free
Days 3 -10 7,56 EUR / day 15,12 EUR / day
Days 11 - 20 11,34 EUR / day 22,68 EUR / day
Days 21+ 17,01 EUR / day 34,02 EUR / day

Days of stay 20 DC 40 DC
Days 1 - 7 60 EUR / day 75 EUR / day
Days 8 - 15 120 EUR / day 150 EUR / day
Days 16+ 180EUR / day 225EUR / day



Demurrage / Detention / Free time



DEMURRAGE for SD shipments Day when laden container has been discharged from the vessel to the terminal Day when laden container has been picked up from the terminal (gate out full date)
DETENTION for CY shipments Day when laden container has been discharged from the vessel to the terminal Day when empty container has been delivered on the terminal / depot (gate in empty date)


Below you may find in detail our tariff bands for all equipment sizes and haulage terms.

1.  Merchant haulage CY terms  we charge DETENTION only since DEMURRAGE (port storages) are charged directly from the port during customs procedure

DRY 20' DC 40' DC
1 - 7 Days Free 0 0
Days 8 – 14 10 EUR 20 EUR
Days 15 - GateIn empty 25 EUR 50 EUR
REEFER 20' RF 40' RF
1 - 4 Days Free 0 0
Days 5 – 7 60 EUR 90 EUR
Days 8 - GateIn empty 80EUR 120 EUR


In case of REEFER cargo we charge also DEMURRAGES

DEMURRAGE PIRAEUS (electricity charges) per day cost 20'REEF 40'REEF
No free days No free No free
Disch - Gate out 31 EUR per day 41 EUR per day
DEMURRAGE Thessaloniki(monitoring)
*electricity is paid directly to the port
20' REEF 40' REEF
No free days No free No free
Disch - Gate out payable directly at port payable directly at port


2. Carriers haulage SD terms below are also included:

DRY : T2L clearance, port security fees, agency fees, lift on/off, 4 cd free of port storages(DMR), 7 cd free of detention for dry cargo
REEF/IMO:T2L clearance, port security fees, agency fees, lift on/off , 4 cd free of port storages, elec/monitoring , 4 cd free of detention


DEMURRAGE Piraeus & Thessaloniki SD TERMS

DRY 20' DC 40' DC
1 -7Days Free 0 0
Days 8 -14 10 EUR 20 EUR
Days 15 - Gate Out 25 EUR 50 EUR
REEFER 20' RF 40' RF
1 - 4 Days Free 0 0
Days 5- 7 60 EUR 90 EUR
Days 8 - Gate Out 80 EUR 120 EUR


 For SD shipments port storages and electricity cost (for Reefers) is not automatically invoiced, costs are calculated and invoiced based on the date of gate-out.

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