Shipping in Israel

Get up-to-date local information about import procedures and restrictions, demurrage and detention, container pick-ups and more.


We offer 5 weekly services to Israel, shipping imports from the majority of European and Mediterranean ports.

Update on Congestion Fee Destination (CFD) levels for cargo discharged in Haifa and Ashdod

North-Sea Service:

Weekly calls in Ashdod and Haifa ports. Direct service from Alexandria, Rotterdam, Felixstowe, Bremerhaven and Antwerp. More origins such as St. Petersburg in Russia, Scandinavia etc., are served by this service via transhipment.

Mediterranean-Sea Service:

Weekly calls in Haifa and Ashdod ports. Direct service from Mersin, Valencia, Algeciras. More origins are served by this service via transshipment.

Black-Sea Service

Weekly calls (seasonal service from October till June, during off season import tranship at Ambarli and Port Said, see port Said Feeder service)

Adriatic-Sea Service:

Weekly calls in Haifa and Ashdod ports. Direct service from Koper, Trieste, Ravenna. More origins are served by this service via transshipment.

Port Said Feeder:

Weekly calls in Haifa and Ashdod ports. Offers transshipment service from various Black-sea ports.

Procedure / Requirements

Dear Customer,
For queries regarding delivery orders, ETA, and general matters, please contact us via:

You can also reach us by phone at: +97288628002.

With kind regards,
Seago Line Israel


Reefer Cargo

FROZEN meat, Fish (reefer cargo) : Israel Ministry of Health requires a data log prior approving release of cargo, only cargo which has mandatory requirement by Ministry of health will be allowed to receive a data log via clearance agent which will be directly submitted to Ministry of Health at a charge of USD 50 per download. In order to prevent data log malfunctioning, it is highly recommended to perform strict PTI in the origin, regardless of container's age. This will assist to prevent delays of the shipment in release. Reefer Container related to several tpdocs with various consignees is not acceptable due to the fact that no facilities for unstuffing reefers are available Cargo receivers who demand data log and not by requirement of Ministry of Health and/or other government institutions that prevents cargo clearance will not be able to receive data log unless such has been paid by shipper initially. In case any further info required kindly contact:

Imo Cargo

Following IMO cargo should be only direct delivery (i.e. containers should be discharged from the ship directly to a truck and should not go to a port yard but delivered directly to consignee) - IMO classes 1, 5.2, 7, 3.1 
IMO class 6.2 is not accepted

BL requirements:

  1. V.A.T. No. is required and should be updated in consignee's doc address.
  2. Cargo HS4 Code
  3. Vehicles imports restrictions:
    As per local customs regulations, 1 person cannot be declared as an importer of more than 1 car per b/l unless he is a forwarder or a car dealership.
  4. All import b/ls to Israel should have local receiver

Demurrage / Detention / Free time

Days after free time expiration 20’ DRY 40’ dry 40’HDRY 45’ DRY Days after free time expiration 20’ Flat & Open top 40’ Flat & Open top Days after free time expiration 20' RF 40' RF
0-7 days 0 0 0 0 0-5 days 0 0 0-3 days 0 0
8-12 days 20 30 30 30 6-12 days 25 40 4+ days 90 100
13-20 days 30 40 50 50 13-20 days 35 50
21+ days 35 50 70 70 21-27 days 50 90
27+ days 70 100

Email your local office

If you want to speak to a sales person about a new shipment or have a question about your existing shipment, you can email us. If you have a more immediate question, you can search for help online or contact us by phone