Shipping in Italy

To ensure smooth end-to-end delivery of your products, we offer strong inland transportation services in one single transaction. Our intermodal shipping services connect key intermodal service points and major container ports with each other and to the rest of the world.

Supported intermodal modes in Italy





Inland Services

Inland Service includes transportation from vendors to the port of shipment, and from discharge port to the point of stripping by truck and or rail. We ensure that your products are moved at the right time to the right place. Whatever your need for inland transportation, you can count on us to deliver an effective and cost efficient inland haulage service. The multiple handling processes, transport modes and local vendors involved in inland transportation made up a full range of efficient and cost effective transportation services which assure products to be picked up and delivered on time.

Our offering includes:

  • Multiple modes of transport;
  • Full container loads (FCL)
  • Large network of quality transport providers;
  • Constant monitoring and quality assurance;
  • Timely pick-up and delivery;
  • One-stop-shopping combining your land and ocean transport needs.

For Tariffs and Conditions please click HERE or contact our sales department.


Here below please find applicable surcharges for inland transportation
Waiting time freetime at stuffing/stripping locations:
all truck roundtrip service: 3 hours
Rail combined service : 2 hours
if "compulsory hours" : 2 hours
thereafter eur 40,00/hour / Night detention eur 320,00
Multistop addon Please contact sales office or your customer service agent
Imo addon eur 90,00 per container
Contact us for acceptance confirmation
Tilt chassis addon - service not applicable for One Way eur 100,00 per container (subject to availability)
Short chassis Addl 20' not applicable
Subject to "scanner" eur 72,00 per container
Scrap additional (legge Ronchi) eur 100,00 per container (subject to availability)
One-way tariff for Import applicable only if service is performed within 01:00 hrs pm
Ferry additional for "Stretto di Messina crossing *(already included in the selling tariff) *eur 200,00/20' eur 200,00/40'
IMO : eur 215,00/20' eur 215,00/40'
Mode TRK: full truck
RCO: rail combined

Gross weight limitation is defined as follows:

  • container + truck + chassis + cargo: max kgs 44,000
  • 20ft: max net weight 21.6 tons (i.e. cargo weight)
  • 20ft homologated 30 tons: max net weight 27.5 tons (i.e. cargo weight)
  • 40ft or 40hc: max net weight 26.48 tons (i.e. cargo weight)
  • 45ft: max net weight 25.6 tons (i.e. cargo weight)
  • Max height over the road: 4.3 meters

Email your local office

If you want to speak to a sales person about a new shipment or have a question about your existing shipment, you can email us. If you have a more immediate question, you can search for help online or contact us by phone