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Get up-to-date local information about export procedures and restrictions, demurrage and detention, container drop-offs and more.

本船動静 (Vessel Schedule)

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ローカルスケジュール (Local Schedule)

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スケジュール一覧 (Update 13-Nov-2020) 

輸出コンテナヤード一覧 (Container Yard - Export)

輸出フリータイム - ディテンション (Detention)

各国BL記載事項案内 (SI Guidance)

ローカルチャージ (Local Charges)





Terminal Handling Fee (2018年1月から)

20’ (Dry)
40’ (Dry)
20’ (Reefer)
40’ (Reefer)
Equipment Management Fee 20’ or 40’  500
Equipment management fee (2020年5月1日~) 
20’ or 40’  750円
Origin Documentation Fee Per B/L 3,500円 (*)
三国間貨物B/L発行運賃支払い手数料 Per B/L 6,000円 (*)
特殊コンテナキャンセルチャージ 1 Per 20’Open Top  USD 200
特殊コンテナキャンセルチャージ 1 Per 40’Flat Rack/40’Open Top  USD 250
ブッキングNo Show Fee 2 Per Container  5000

(*) 別途消費税が加算されます
※1    ピックアップ予定日まで2週間以内のキャンセル ならびに コンテナピックアップの2週間以上の延期に対し適用
※2 CYカット前営業日 17時以降に、お客様理由によるブッキングキャンセル あるいは内容変更により、当初船積み予定の本船に積載されなかったコンテナの本数に対し適用

Japan Local Surcharges

Name of Surcharge



Terminal Handling Fee (from Jan/2018) 20’ (Dry)
40’ (Dry)
20’ (Reefer)
40’ (Reefer)
Equipment Management Fee  (from Jul/2019)        20’ or 40’  Yen500
Origin Documentation Fee (for Export) Per B/L Yen 3,500 (*)
Documentation Fee
on Cross Trades Cargo
(for issuance in Japan)
Per B/L Yen 6,000 (*)
Special Container Cancellation Charge 1  Per 20’Open Top USD 200 
Special Container Cancellation Charge ※1 Per 40’Flat Rack/40’Open Top  USD 250
No Show Fee ※2 Per Container  Yen 5,000

(*) subject to local consumption tax
1 Applicable for cancellations within 2 weeks before pick up / pick up date postponed by more than 2 weeks
※2  Applicable for cancellations / volume drop after 1700 one working day before CY cut off due to customer reasons. 


Export restrictions

CY Cut off times
Basically 1 day prior to vessel's arrival. If the day falls on Saturday/Sunday/National Holiday, the CY Cut off is advanced to the previous weekday.

Please contact Export Customer Service for more details.

Service Restrictions
No acceptance of 45' container due to Japanese Transportation Law.

DG Cargo is not accepted at Offdock CY.

Weight/Measurement Restrictions

20' : 20,320kg (cargo+container tare) if normal chasis is used. 24,000kg (cargo+container tare) if special tri-axel chasis is used.

40' : 24,000kgs (cargo+container tare) if normal chasis is used. 30,480kgs (cargo+container tare) if special tri-axel chasis is used.

Max allowance height: 9'6", i.e. if the container is 8'6" height Open-Top, max allowance O/H is 1FT = 30.48 cm.

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