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ローカルスケジュール | Local Schedule


本船動静 | Vessel Schedule

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輸入コンテナヤード一覧(Container Yard – Import)

輸入フリータイム - ディテンション (Detention)

ローカルチャージ (Local Charges)

Japan Local Surcharges

Name of Surcharge



Terminal Handling Fee (from Jan/2018) 20’ (Dry)
40’ (Dry)
20’ (Reefer)
40’ (Reefer)
Destination Documentation Fee Per B/L Yen 3,500 (*)
Documentation Fee
on Cross Trades Cargo
(for issuance in Japan)
Per B/L Yen 6,000 (*)
Import Service (IMP) (effective from 1st July 2019 - all Asia export including Hong Kong(excluding China)(effective from 1st August 2019 - export China (excluding Hong Kong)  Per container  JPY 2,000 

(*) subject to local comsumption tax

オフドックCYトラック回送依頼連絡先 (Off-dock CY truck forwarding request contact information)

Off-dock CY Truck Forwarding Request contact information

オフドックCYトラック回送依頼連絡先 +

横浜CY揚げ -- 東京CY: 菱倉運輸 Tel: 045-624-5992

神戸CY揚げ -- 大阪CY: 川西倉庫 Tel: 078-771-5578
名古屋CY揚げ -- 四日市CY: 日本トランスシティ Tel: 059-361-7702 

Import restrictions

Service Restrictions
No acceptance of 45' container due to Japanese Transportation Law.
DG Cargo is not accepted for delivery at Offdock CY.

Commodities Restrictions
Prohibited Commodities:
A) Heroin, Cocaine, MDMA, Opium, Cannabis/Hemp, Stimulants, Psychotropic substances and other Narcotic drugs. And those sucking/smoking tools
B) Firearms, Pistols, Machine guns, Hand guns, Rifles, Ammunition/Bullets thereof, and those parts
C) Explosive substances
D) Gunpowder, Dynamite
E) Precursor Material for Chemical Weapon
F) Counterfeit, Altered, or Imitation coins, Paper money, Bank notes, or Securities, and Forged credit cards
G) Books, magazine, Videotape, CD-Rom and thereof, Drawing, Carvings, sculpture things and any other article which may harm public safety or morals (obscene or immoral materials, e.g., pornography)
H) Child Pornography
I) Articles which infringe upon intellectual property rights, trade mark, copyright, literary work contiguity right, patent right, utility model right, design right and circuit arrangement utilization right. The goods where such as false brand commodity
J) Any of articles which show false indication of the place of origin
Regulated Commodities:
A) Articles/Live Plants/Live Animals which correspond to ""Washington Treaty""
B) Hunting Gun, Air Gun, Sword and cutting instrumental which blade length 15cm and more
C) Live Plants, Soil Chemical Fertilizer, Live Animals and Products which harm natural environment and against infection protecting method, plant quarantine method
D) Chemicals, Medical supplies, Medical Instruments and thereof in veterinary use
E) Alcohol beverage or liquid, which pure alcohol percentage over 90%

Weight/Measurement Restrictions
20' : 20,320kg (cargo+container tare) if normal chasis is used. 24,000kg (cargo+container tare) if special tri-axel chasis is used.
40' : 24,000kgs (cargo+container tare) if normal chasis is used. 30,480kgs (cargo+container tare) if special tri-axel chasis is used.
Max allowance height: 9'6", i.e. if the container is 8'6" height Open-Top, max allowance O/H is 1FT = 30.48 cm.

Custom Requirements
No specific requirement.

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