Shipping in Lithuania

Get up-to-date local information about export procedures and restrictions, demurrage and detention, container drop-offs and more.

Local Charges


Local Export Tariff

Charge Charge type  Amount 
Export Service  per container  EUR 43
Change of destination fee (COD)  per container  USD 300 
Change of destination fee – Administrative Cost (CAD) – effective as of 15th January 2018. Applies if T/S port remains the same, amendment related to the final port of discharge. Must be requested 96hrs before the arrival to the T/S port  per b/l  USD 300 
Change of destination fee – Extra Restows (CED) – effective as of 15th January 2018. Acceptance of the extra costs associated is must.  per container  USD 300 + extra costs associated 
Charge Charge Type Amount
Documentation Fee Origin (ODF) per container included into EXP
Export Service Charge (EXP) per B/L 30 EUR
Port Security Service (PSE) per container included into OHC
Booking cancellation fee per booking 75 USD
Customs Clearance per container 40 EUR
Genset per cntr CY/CY, SD/CY 200 EUR
Manual Documentation processing fee (MDF) per B/L 25 USD
Manual booking fee per booking 25 USD
Transport Document amendment fee (AMF) per B/L 40 EUR
Multistop per container 60 EUR
Lift charges per DRY / per REEF 85 EUR
Inland haulage waiting time (WTI) after 12h free, per 12h 120 EUR
Late b/l pick up fee (if bills are not picked up in 14 days) per B/L 100 USD
Container pick up without booking confirmation (ULF) per container 50 EUR
Container drop off fee* per 20'/per 40' 250 EUR / 350 EUR
Inspection Empty Container Service (IEC) – effective as of 15th Jan.2016 per 20’/40’ DRY and REEF 50 EUR
Payer Amendment Origin Fee  Per B/L  40 EUR 


* Subject to equipment situation 




Freight rate (transportation price) must be agreed before any shipment. Please contact Sales with all freight requests. In your request, please indicate the following information:

  • your company's name, contact person, telephone, fax or e-mail
  • commodity
  • cargo pick-up point
  • cargo delivery point
  • container size and type
  • special requirements, if any, or your comments.

Any additional information about your future shipment is welcome. For dangerous cargo, please indicate full commodity name, IMO class and UN number. For temperature-controlled cargo, please advise required temperature and humidity.

Please note we can assist you only with FCL (full container load) shipments. Minimum tare size is 20-foot container.


After freight rates are agreed and filed in Sealand service contract, you can place your booking via the website or by sending an email to Customer service (

You may also place your bookings via EDI or offline desktop solutions. Please contact the Sales for more information.

Booking must be in written form and contain the following information in order to be processed smoothly:

  • stuffing date, time and address
  • container size, type and quantitycontact person and phone number
  • destination (delivery address is not required at this stage)
  • any other information relevant to the shipment

In case of carrier haulage, please allow at least 24 hours to coordinate pick-up.

For dangerous cargo, please indicate full commodity name, IMO class, UN number, special requirements (for ex. temperature), if required.

Customs clearance is not included into freight and is not performed by default. However, we can arrange customs clearance upon your request for additional cost.


Shipping instructions have to be sent by the following means:

  • Via the website or desktop booking application (preferred option).
  • Via email to ( or by fax +370 46 483419.

Shipping instructions should contain the following information:

  • Full shipper's name and address with phone and fax numbers
  • Full consignee's name and address with phone and fax numbers
  • Full notify party details with phone and fax numbers
  • Container number
  • Commodity description
  • Piece count, package type and weight
  • Receipt and delivery location (for door shipments), load and discharge ports. 

Please provide shipping instructions before container leaves Klaipeda port. Although it is possible to submit shipping instructions later, we will not be responsible for any fines that rise due to late submission of shipping instructions. These fines will be passed over to the shipper or involved forwarder.

Bills of lading originals


The bill of lading will be issued as per proper shipping instructions. Bills of lading originals can be released after vessel departure from the port and only against full payment of prepaid charges.

Services and cut-offs

Vessel Name Vessel Code Voyage Gate-in Cut-off/ Return Date and Time Service ETD SI Cut-off / VGM Cut-off
HANNA R4U 010S 2020-03-03, 3 PM X03/L8 07-03-2020 2020-03-03, 3 PM
ISTRIAN EXPRESS P2Z 010W 2020-03-04, 3 PM L27/L8 07-03-2020 2020-03-04, 3 PM
PRIAMOS L3J 015S 2020-03-05, 3 PM X03/L8 09-03-2020 2020-03-05, 3 PM
VENTA MAERSK B6F 011W 2020-03-06, 3 PM L02/L8 11-03-2020 2020-03-06, 3 PM
ISTRIAN EXPRESS P2Z 011W 2020-03-11, 3 PM L27/L8 14-03-2020 2020-03-11, 3 PM
HERCULES J 2BX 011S 2020-03-09, 6 AM X03/L8 18-03-2020 2020-03-09, 6 AM
VOLGA MAERSK B6D 012W 2020-03-13, 3 PM L02/L8 18-03-2020 2020-03-13, 3 PM
ISTRIAN EXPRESS P2Z 012W 2020-03-18, 3 PM L27/L8 21-03-2020 2020-03-18, 3 PM
VAGA MAERSK B6I 013W 2020-03-20, 3 PM L02/L8 25-03-2020 2020-03-20, 3 PM
ISTRIAN EXPRESS P2Z 013W 2020-03-25, 3 PM L27/L8 28-03-2020 2020-03-25, 3 PM
VUOKSI MAERSK B6G 014W 2020-03-27, 3 PM L02/L8 01-04-2020 2020-03-27, 3 PM
VILNIA MAERSK B6H 015W 2020-04-03, 3 PM L02/L8 08-04-2020 2020-04-03, 3 PM
VENTA MAERSK B6F 016W 2020-04-10, 3 PM L02/L8 15-04-2020 2020-04-10, 3 PM
VOLGA MAERSK B6D 017W 2020-04-17, 3 PM L02/L8 22-04-2020 2020-04-17, 3 PM
VAGA MAERSK B6I 018W 2020-04-24, 3 PM L02/L8 29-04-2020 2020-04-24, 3 PM


  • Commodity: N/A.
  • Weight and measurement: Maximum allowed cargo weight for road transportation: 24.5 tons.
  • Special cargoes: Out of Gauge, Break Bulk and Dangerous cargo subject to standard Sealand approval procedures.

Export Freetime


Name of the period Start End
Export Detention period Empty container pick up day (including this day) One day prior container gate-in
Export Demurrage period Full container gate-in date (including this day) A day when the container is loaded on the vessel (including this day)

Demurrage - Penalty charged by holding carrier for storage of property beyond allowable free time for removal or unloading.

Freetime in the port Dry Containers Reefer Containers
Export demurrage tariff 14 calendar days 7 calendar days

After freetime expiration, below tariffs apply:

Port Currency 20'Container 40'/45' Container* 20' FR/OT* 40' FR/OT* 20'Reef Container 40'Reef Container
Klaipeda EUR 20 30 30 45 180 180


Detention- Penalty charged by owner of equipment for detaining beyond allowable free time. 12 hours free is given for loading/unloading. Waiting time (chassis)/12 hours -120 EUR
Freetime out of port Dry Containers Reefer Containers
Export detention tariff 10 calendar days 10 calendar days

After freetime expiration, below tariffs apply:

Port Currency 20'Container 40'/45' Container* 20' FR/OT* 40' FR/OT* 20'Reef Container 40'Reef Container
Klaipeda EUR 30 30 45 60 75 75

Email your local office

If you want to speak to a sales person about a new shipment or have a question about your existing shipment, you can email us. If you have a more immediate question, you can search for help online or contact us by phone