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Demurrage & Detention


Myanmar General EXPORT Restriction



* List of restrictions for cargo EXPORT from Myanmar

WTO’s GATT, Article XX and XXI, permit WTO members to prohibit the exportation of certain articles that endanger public morals, threaten human, plant or animal life, involve the exportation of arms and ammunition, and similar items. The Department of Trade of the Ministry of Commerce has exercised its rights under these GATT provisions to prohibit the following exportations:

  • Counterfeit currency and coins
  • Pornographic material
  • All kinds of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances
  • Antique objects
  • Arms and ammunition
  • Wild animals and rare species
  • Ivory
  • Minerals and metals that are prohibited in accord with existing laws and regulations
  • Crude oil
  • Forestry products that are prohibited in accord with existing laws and regulations

If in doubt, you should seek advice from the Department of Trade of the Ministry of Commerce.

Weight / Measurement

There are no limitations in any port as long as the weight does not exceed maximum allowable payload as per Container Safety Certificate (CSC) plate.

Maersk must approve for acceptance beyond Container Yard (CY) due to road and bridge limitations.

Special Cargoes: Out-Of-Gauge (OOG), Break-Bulk (B/B), and Hazardous Cargo subject to Maersk/Sealand's procedure and approval.

Vessel Schedule

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