Shipping in Philippines

Payment Options

1. Payment via Bank Deposit : Remember to always provide either B/L # or Invoice # when filling-up the deposit slip.  Send validated deposit slips to  (International) or (Domestic) .  Once sent or uploaded, our finance team will reply to you if your shipment is ready for documents release or  otherwise.  Please note emails or deposit slips uploaded before 4:30PM will be attended the same day. Those sent after the said cut-off  time will be attended to the following business day.

Bank MCC Transport Singapore
HSBC PHP 030-272165-042
USD 031-040652-901
BDO PHP Institution code 0430
USD Institution code 0428
Union Bank PHP 000-590071-920
USD 130-590014-823
Bank MCC Transport Philippines
HSBC PHP 000-555821-040
USD 001-212836-750
BDO PHP Institution code 0407
Union Bank PHP 000-590072-195
USD 130-590014-896

2. Payment for OFAC embargoed shipments :  Shipment from/to Cuba, North Korea, Sudan or Syria are under United States of America (U.S.) trade sanctions (OFAC embargoed shipments), payment for the related invoice(s) must be made to Handelsbanken in the currency of the invoice.  Documents cannot be released for payments made to the incorrect account, and Maersk Line will not be held responsible for incorrect payments.

Bank name:   Handelsbanken 
Bank address:  Havneholmen 29 Copenhagen 1561 Denmark
Account owner: A.P. Moller Maersk A/S 
Currency:  EUR Registration number: 6499 
Account number: 3000013
IBAN:  DK0264990003000013

3.  Email requirements :   For easy reference and to speed up the transaction processing, below are the recommended subject lines to be used during e-mail payment sending:
BL – Freight (example: 123456789, Freight payment) 
BL – Demurrage until (date of DO validity ) (example: 123456789, Demurrage until March 11,2015) 
BL – Detention  for invoice number (example: 123456789, Detention for 51512345678) 
BL – Outstanding for invoice number  (example: 123456789, Outstanding for invoice 51512345678)

Rate of Exchange

Remittance Currency

It’s mandatory that all Payments are settled in the invoice currency which is shown in the “Total” column of the invoice. Any discrepancy in currency could result in delays in release of delivery orders and/ or bill of ladings.

Please find below exchange for the specific ETA/ETD on your invoices

Import Arrival /
Export Departure Date
02-10-2020 49.04400 0.02081
01-10-2020 48.94350 0.02085
30-09-2020 48.94350 0.02085
29-09-2020 48.84300 0.02089
28-09-2020 48.89325 0.02087
27-09-2020 48.99375 0.02083
26-09-2020 48.99375 0.02083
25-09-2020 48.99375 0.02083

For historical record daily exchange rate click here.

Email your local office

If you want to speak to a sales person about a new shipment or have a question about your existing shipment, you can email us. If you have a more immediate question, you can search for help online or contact us by phone.