Shipping in Russia (West)

Let Sealand take the hassle out of arranging inland transport. We are ready to provide door-to-door service after checking IHI\IHE via separate request.

We’re always happy to tailor our intermodal solutions to fit your needs, and would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your business and how we can help you to operate more effectively.

Intermodal products

We open IHI to the following Russian locations from November 1, 2014.

The following locations will be available for SD service via ports of St-Petersburg (FCT, PLP) based on non-bonded trucking delivery (cargo customs clearance is to be performed at final discharge port of St –Petersburg by the Client and for his account):

∙             Moscow (RUMOW)

∙             Moscow region I (contains locations: Balashikha (RUBSH), Noginsk (RUNGK), Khimki (RUKHI), Zheleznodorozhny (RUYK4), Korolev (RUKRV), Mytischi (RUMYT), Pushkino (RUYR1), Lobnya (RULBA), Solnechnogorsk (RUSOK), Podolsk (RUPOD), Klimovsk (RUKLI), Elektrostal ( RUELE), Istra (RU3FD),

∙             Moscow region II  (contains locations: Klin (RUKLI), Chekhov (RU24A), Serpukhov (RUSKV), Stupino (RUSTU), Orekhovo-Zuevo (RUORZ), Voskresensk (RUVOS), Kashira (RUVV2), Naro-Fominsk (RUZD9), Dmitrov (RUDMI), Obninsk (RUOBN), Domodedovo (RUDOP)

∙             Tula (contains locations Tula (RUTLA) and Novomoskovsk (RUNVO)

∙             Kaluga (RUKAL)

Bonded trucking is a possible option, but rates are subject to confirmation from Local Intermodal team (Please apply to  and

General info:

∙             Inland TRK product includes port forwarding, docs issuing at port, trucking delivery up to the consignee premises and empty container return.

∙             Weight limitation in accordance with Russian Legislation is 21 tons for 20/40 Dry/HDRY containers, 20 tons for 40 REEF/HREEF and 19 tons for 20 REEF.

∙             Customer is responsible for demurrage at port in case if documents are provided with delays.

∙             For non-bonded cargo in case if copy cargo declaration is submitted and removal from the accounting of customs is performed before 10.00 a.m., container pick-up from port is possible the same day.

∙             Overweight is subject to negotiation and additional quotation.

∙             For expensive/excise cargo under bonded transit customs deposit is a sbj.

∙             Additional HS codes exceeding 10 units per 1 BL in transit cargo will add USD 15 per group of 3 additional codes to haulage rates.

∙             IMO cargo is not accepted as well as personal belongings and used cars.

∙             OOG cargo is subject to confirmation (please apply to  and

∙             Prolongation or changing of delivery mode from CY port to SD inland location in b/l is subject to confirmation (please apply to and

∙             45HDRY containers delivery is subject to confirmation (Please apply to and

∙             Free time/overtime truck detention

                    1) Non-bonded option conditions:

                    24 hours/ 1 working day free for unloading

                    2) Bonded option conditions:

                    48 hours/ 2 working days free for customs clearance and unloading

*Truck detention rate is 200 USD per day of detention for non-bonded and 250 USD per day of detention for bonded delivery.

Store Door (SD) delivery requirements:

∙             All freight and local charges should be on prepaid basis.

∙             DMR if any will be invoiced to shipper.

∙             Containers are subject to customs inspection that costs USD 320 and shall be charged to shipper.

∙             We accept on SD containers passed customs clearance in port of discharge (non-bonded), containers in bond status can be accepted after confirmation from Intermodal department only.

∙             In case free time on discharge of the truck upon arrival is violated, truck detention will be charged to shipper, USD 200 per day for non-bonded delivery and USD 250 per day for bonded one.

∙             A final confirmation about SD delivery must be received from a customer service representative

In case if commodity is subject to phytosanitary / veterinary control, sanitary and quarantine control all related docs are to be submitted not later than 3 days upon arrival to POD.

For more information and to discuss how we can help take care of your inland transportation needs, please contact your local Sealand representative.

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