Shipping in Russia (West)

Intermodal/Inland services in Russia are offered both under international (Store door delivery under ocean B/L)  and domestic contract. Inland services (both import/export) in Russia are offered through the below gateway ports


  1. Saint Petersburg
  2. Novorossiysk
  3. Finland and Baltics (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
  4. Kaliningrad

Value added Tax (VAT): Applicability of VAT depends on the nature of the transport contract i.e international shipment (Store door delivery under ocean B/L) or domestic contract(import shipment). For more details please contact us.

General info on standard terms:

  1. Tariffs are inclusive of port forwarding fee
  2. Standard cargo payload for trucking – up to 20 tons. Payload above 20 tons is subject to confirmation.
  3. Standard cargo payload for Rail – up to 26 tons. Payload above 26 tons is subject to confirmation.
  4. OOG, IMO and REEF cargo are subject to confirmation. Please contact us for confirmation
  5. Trucking: Standard rates are for non-bonded cargo – i.e. Customs clearance is to be performed at port by Client. We provide transport docs issuance at port, truck delivery, 24 hours free for unloading at warehouse, empty container return
  6. Trucking: For bonded cargo (Customs clearance is to be performed at destination by Client), we provide bonded transit organization, transport docs issuance at port, truck delivery, 48 hours free for customs clearance and unloading at warehouse, Empty container return
  7. Trucking: Bonded surcharge will be an additional surcharge depending on custom clearance point. Please contact us for the bonded surcharge.
  8. Rail (via Saint Petersburg)
    1. Rail service from Ust-Luga/First Container Terminal to Vorsino rail station based on СY port – FOT Vorsino service
    2. Free time at Vorsino rail station – 5 days
    3. 8 days free storage at  First Container Terminal and Petrolesport terminal; 14 days free storage at port Ust Luga
    4. Truck delivery up to unloading warehouse; 5 free hours for unloading; Empty container return charges
  9. Rail (via Novorossiysk)
    1. Rail service from Novorossiysk to Sbornaya-Ugol’naya rail station based on СY port – FOT Sbornaya-Ugol’naya service
    2. Free time at Sbornaya-Ugol’naya rail station – 5 days
    3. Truck delivery up to unloading warehouse
    4. 4 free hours for unloading; (next 4 hours of truck detention - 550 rub/hour, after - 1900 rub/hour); Empty container return charges
  10. Truck detention (at Saint Petersburg, Novorossiysk)
    1. Free time: 24 hours for non-bonded cargo / 48 hours for bonded cargo
    2. Next 5 days, 7000 rub/day
    3. After that, 10000 rub/day
  11. Demurrage /port storage – will be invoiced as per Line tariffs
  12. Import shipment orders will be processed after full pre-payment
  13. Inland Haulage charges are to be paid following Basic Ocean Freight
  14. Time of order processing is subject to truck availability. Indicative time is 48 hours.
  15. Store door delivery bookings are subject to Local charges mentioned on Export and Import tabs on web page
  16. Reefer rates don’t include genset charge. Genset charges are Rub 3000/day; hanging charge: Rub 3000 and removing Rub 3000

Detailed information on the rates for the services, as well as on the possibilities and conditions of their provision can be obtained by sending an email request to:

 Sealand :

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