Shipping in Serbia

Get up-to-date local information about export procedures and restrictions, demurrage and detention, container drop-offs and more.


  • Bookings – You can place your booking via our website. Our easy to use e-booking tool is our customers preferred way of placing bookings. Our experts at Customer Service can be contacted via e-mail (please see contact details) and/or by phone.
  • Documentation – Any export licenses, permits and other documents are to be obtained by Shippers and/or Exporters.
  • B/L clausing – No specific clausing is mandatory
  • Unacceptable clauses - There might be peculiar L/C prescriptions (e.g. anti-dating of Bills of Lading etc.) which SeagoLine cannot adhere to. We encourage our customers to discuss documentation possibilities with our experts prior booking in order to check acceptability.

For shipments covered by letters of credit requiring a 'clean on board' clause we are able to provide an alternative statement, which is widely accepted by banks.


  • Cargo restrictions – Cigarettes via Thessaloniki port either from 3rd countries, or domestic cargo, are not accepted, unless for account of Global Customers. Prior to place of such booking, please contact our Sales.
  • Acceptance – Preferred entry port for Serbia is Rijeka port. Alternative ports are Koper and Thessaloniki however through BLs’ allowed only via Rijeka!
    - Weight limit for all container type is 22 meters (payload)
    - For 45'dry Container Yard acceptance only.
    - Less Container Load : no acceptance
    - Break Bulk cargo is not acceptable
    - Out of Gauge (OOG) and Dangerous cargo (IMO) only subject to Sales approval prior booking.
    - REEFER cargo accepted, pre-carriage only in organization of DAMCO.
    - Cross Booking and Special Equipment subject to Sales approval prior booking.
  • Requirements - BL clause: "Where the container has not been stuffed by carrier, carrier has no access to the cargo and cannot verify the current condition, quantity and quality of same, as described by shipper. " Must be inserted in all bills of lading.

Demurrage / Detention / Free time

Export Detention Charges are applied when a container does not gate in full in terminal within freetime period (which starts from the gate out of empty unit for stuffing purpose until the gate in full in terminal) while Export Demurrage Charges are applied when a container is not loaded on vessel within freetime period (which starts from the gate in full in terminal until loading date included)

Please check Freetime under local office Croatia (port Rijeka)

Email your local office

If you want to speak to a sales person about a new shipment or have a question about your existing shipment, you can email us. If you have a more immediate question, you can search for help online or contact us by phone.