Shipping in Serbia

Get up-to-date local information about import procedures and restrictions, demurrage and detention, container pick-ups and more.


  • Release of Cargo - Surrendering the Bill of Lading – Endorsements: 
    - The first endorsement must be made by the party with title 
    - The last »endorsement« is by the party to whom delivery can be made 
    - One original Bill of Lading is enough 
    - The Bill of Lading must be duly endorsed (for ¨to order Bills¨)

    Way Bills: 
    - Not negotiable, cannot be endorsed - Delivery can be made (only) to person named as consignee, upon proof of identity – Way Bill does not have to be surrendered to effect delivery


  • Cargo restrictions

    Cigarettes via Thessaloniki ports are accepted only on CY basis. Cargo will have to be unstuffed at receiver's account into port warehouses. Prior to acceptance of such shipments, please contact our Sales.

    Cigarettes via Thessaloniki port - in transit (both Merchant and Carrier haulage) to all Balkan destinations (Serbia-Montenegro, Kosovo, FYROM, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Romania) is not accepted. For special requests please address full details to Sales for evaluation.

    Frozen pork meat via Thessaloniki port ex from Brazil and China is prohibited

    Spirits via Thessaloniki port subject to approvals; extra cost is involved

    Via Greek ports:
    Please pay extra attention to the following applicable charge for the mentioned "sensitive" cargoes:
    - Additional expense of EUR 550 per unit is applied for issuance of bank guarantee and administration fee for the following commodities, which characterized from EU as "sensitive" cargoes:

    a. Milk and milk products condensed and non-condensed, including powdered milk and cream
    b. Butter and other spreads that contain milk
    c. Bananas, both fresh and dry
    d. Cane sugar, sugar beet and chemically pure sweeteners in dry form
    e. Beef meat and beef meat trimmings frozen
    * offels, tripes, hearts, head and cheek meat excluded

    Following goods are also considered as sensitive products but require more cost/expenses thus prior any booking please contact our Sales.

    f. Alcohol with more than 80% alcohol level
    g. Distilled products, liquor and other alcoholic drinks
    h. Manufactured tobacco and cigarettes
    * tobacco leaves excluded


    Preferred entry port for Serbia is Rijeka port. Alternative ports are Koper and Thessaloniki however through BLs’ allowed only via Rijeka!

    Weight limit for all container type is 22 mts (payload)

    For 45'dry Container Yard acceptance only.

    Less Container Load: no acceptance

    Break Bulk cargo is not acceptable

    Out of Guage (OOG) and Dangerous Cargo (IMO) only subject to Sales approval prior booking.

    Reefer cargo accepted, pre-carriage only in organization of DAMCO.

    Cross Booking and special equipment subject to Sales approval prior booking.

    Via Rijeka: Croatia will not accept open top containers without tarpaulin seal, such containers will be retained in Gioia Tauro.


    BL clause, documentatuion:

    For FOB imports via Croatia (port Rijeka) we do not accept freighted b/l.

    Via Greek ports (Thessaloniki, Pireaus): B/l's body to state: "In transit to Serbia"
    * Freight collect is accepted.
    * All EU restrictions are valid for cargoes in transit through Greece to Balkans.
    * Following documents should be submitted latest 3 days prior vessel's arrival (B/L, invoices and certificates):
    - Packing list (copy)
    - Commercial invoice for commercial shipments (copy)
    - Donation certificate for relief shipments
    - Original health certificate for foodstuffs

    Documentation requirements:

    Via Greek ports (Thessaloniki, Pireaus) - Following documents should be submitted latest 3 days prior vessel's arrival (B/L, invoices and certificates):
    - Packing list (copy)
    - Commercial invoice for commercial shipments (copy)
    - Donation certificate for relief shipments
    - Original health certificate for foodstuffs

    Special customs requirements

    Via Rijeka, Croatia: For foodstuff all original documents must be presented to the customs, veterinary and phytosanitary inspection in Rijeka upon request, therefore please send all originals to Maersk Croatia d.o.o Rijeka

    - Original Invoice
    - Original Phyto/Vet certificate
    - Certificate of origin

    Original Veterinary certificates need to be presented to Veterinary authorities before container arrival at Rijeka port!

Demurrage / Detention / Free time

Effective date: 15th August 2019

Expiry date: Until further notice

Combined Demurrage and Detention

Combined equipment demurrage and detention commences on and includes the day that the full container is gated-in full at Rail Ramp at the ports and ends on the day that the empty container is gated-in at the terminal.

  • Shipper Owned Containers (SOC) are not subject to Combined Demurrage and Detention
  • Non-operating Reefers (NOR) will be charged as DRY equipment
  • National holidays count unless they fall within the allowed free time period
  • Combined Demurrage and Detention will be invoiced as Detention
  • Combined Demurrage and Detention are invoiced: per container, per calendar day, per container size type

Serbia and Bosnia and Hercegovina 

Dry and IMO Containers (SerbiaInlandTerminals: Sremska Mitrovica, Belgrade; Bosniaand HercegovinainlandTerminals: Banja Luka, Sarajevo) (1)
Days 20’ 40’ & 45’
Day 1 to 14 Free
Day 15 to 20 25 EUR 50 EUR
Day 21 onwards 40 EUR 80 EUR
  1. Storage at discharge port are applicable in case of long stay at terminal (exceeding free days granted) not imputable to the carrier.
    Reefer and Special are not accepted on rail

Email your local office

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