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Combined Demurrage and Detention


With effect from 15th Feb 2020,

Days Currency 20’DRY 40’DRY 45' DRY 20’RF/20’SP 40’RF/40’SP
1-7 SGD Free Free Free Free Free
8-10 SGD 44 85 85 330 400
11-20 SGD 75 100 100 101 150
21 onwards SGD 100 125 125 147 167

*Freetime is based on calendar days  (including Weekends and Public Holidays) and starts the same day as individual container discharge date
**Import D&D charges may be collected progressively**Import detention charges are collected progressively.

Days Currency 20’DRY 40’DRY/40'HC 20’RF/20’SP 40’RF/40’RH/40'SP/45’HC
1-7 USD Free Free Free Free
8-12 USD 30 40 50 70
13-17 USD 50 70 90 130
18 onwards USD 70 90 90 130

*From 16 July 2018, Import freetime in Batam will be a combination of Demurrage and Detention days
**Calculation of days starts from the same day the container is discharged from vessel in Batam, Indonesia.

Container Returns


Cogent Container Depot Pte Ltd

1 Buroh Crescent #06-00, Singapore 627545

Tel: 67277740  Fax: 67277778

Mon-Fri 0830hrs – 1845hrs

Sat 0830hrs – 1445hrs

Sun and Public Holidays closed.

Tong Container Depot (S) Pte Ltd

16 Jalan Tepong, Singapore 619331

Tel: 69146667

Mon-Fri 0730hrs – 1900hrs

Sat 0730hrs – 1500hrs

Sun and Public Holidays closed.

Local Charges


**With effect 1st Feb 2020

Local Charges Charge Code Currency All 20’ DRY All 40'DRY 45'DRY 20’RF 40’HRF
Destination Handling Charge Container SGD 215 325 360 280 420
Destination Documentation Fee BL SGD
BL amendment Fee Request SGD
Telex Release Fee BL SGD
Certificate Cert SGD
Payer Amendment Destination Request SGD
Switch BL Fee BL SGD
BL issuance fee BL SGD
Cross Payment Fee BL SGD
Delivery order Amendment Request SGD

 *BL Issuance Fee will be applicable for 3rd place issuance in Singapore.

**Cross Booking fee will be applicable for 3rd place payment in Singapore.



Local Charges Charge Code Currency All 20’ DRY All 40'DRY 45'DRY 20’RF 40’HRF
Inland Haulage Import Container USD 300 490 580 300 490
Container Cleaning Import Fee Container IDR 1,50,000 2,25,000 2,25,000 1,50,000 2,25,000
Equipment Management Import Fee Container IDR 4,20,000 4,20,000 4,20,000 4,20,000 4,20,000
Destination Documentation Fee BL IDR
Payer Amendment Destination Request USD

*All Batam charges should be prepaid by shipper

**All through Freight to/from Batam, our agent will charge consignee or shipper 2 charges as follows:

a) Admin fee S$15 (if required)

b) Batam import permit S$70 per set or Batam export permit S$45 per set. (if required)




Import Shipments


Consignee must:
- check with their shipper/supplier if shipment is under original bills of lading, waybills or telex release arrangements.
- check on the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of his incoming vessels or subscribe to Changes in ETA Notification via
- ensure the Original Bill of Ladings have been surrendered as needed.
- all due payments have been made both by yourselves and the exporter at the origin end.


Submit release requests via Self Service Delivery Order  (SSDO) via  Guides below


Switch Bill of Lading Procedures

Switch BL fee will apply – Please check Local Charges or with our local offices.
For us to process your switch bill request smoothly, please see below pre-requisites:
- First set of bills must be originals and the full set must be surrenderred in port of loading or Singapore office before we may proceed
- Switch bill LOI to be downloaded from our website and sent to
- Only parties in the bill who have ownership of the goods (i.e shipper or cnee) can request for the switch
- Only parties can be amended for switch bill. Bill description amendments are on a case to case basis and should not alter the description of the goods in the container.
- Upon receipt of the LOI, we will check and advise the feasibility and timeline of the switch bill process.
- Upon the switching of bill, original LOI, OBLs and payment must be surrendered at our office before we are able to issue the switched bills.
- Switch bills are akin to bill amendments and will be subjected to destination port’s manifest submission timelines as well as custom fees and penalties if the timeline has passed.
We therefore encourage you to perform the Switch earliest to avoid Custom Manifest closure.


For us to process your re-export request smoothly, please see below pre-requisites:
- Export booking/s need to be made. Please book through one of our 4 eBusiness solutions.
- Re-export LOI to be downloaded from our website and sent back to us. Please approach our export desk should you requite assistance in filling out the form.
- The closing for re-export submission is 2 working days before import vessel’s ETA in Singapore. If this is not met, there might be surcharges incurred (refer to re-export LOI)
- All import formalities will also have to be done before we can proceed (documents surrendered/produced, import charges paid)
- We also require that the import consignee and export shipper to be the same company or proper chain or release for acting parties.


Customs procedures for import of dutiable/ controlled cargo: including Liquor & tobacco and Motor vehicles.


We will not accept whale meat or whale products or shark meat or shark products due to CITES restrictions and regulations governing International Trade of these products

Please refer to this link from Singapore Government Singapore Food Agency for details on the below import commodity listed. 

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Fresh Fruits & Vegetables 
  • Eggs (Fresh) 
  • Eggs (Salted/Preserved/Processed)
  • Processed Food
  • Irradiated Food
  • Accreditation of Overseas Meat & Processed Egg Establishments
  • Accreditation of Overseas Egg Farms

Liquor & tobacco: please click here

Motor vehicles: please click here

For SD/Trucking services – No acceptance for DG IMO class 1, 6.2 and 7


  • All import shipments must be addressed to a local consignee and notify party.



Singapore 30mt or maximum payload, whichever is lower. 30mt or maximum payload, whichever is lower. Containers that do not exceed this can be transported on bridges and roads in Singapore without issues.
Containers over this weight limit may be accepted but approval/shipment basis will be needed.
It will be shipper's responsibility to inform consignee and to ensure that consignee's transporter can transport the laden unit with ease
Batam 30mt or maximum payload, whichever is lower. 30mt or maximum payload, whichever is lower. Heavy weight surcharge applies at USD3000/lift payable by cnee to our agent in Batam.

Email your local office

If you want to speak to a sales person about a new shipment or have a question about your existing shipment, you can email us. If you have a more immediate question, you can search for help online or contact us by phone.