Shipping in Spain

To ensure smooth end-to-end delivery of your products, we offer strong inland transportation services in one single transaction. Our intermodal shipping services connect key intermodal service points and major container ports with each other and to the rest of the world.

Supported intermodal modes in Spain








Our intermodal shipping services connect key intermodal service points and major container ports with each other and to the rest of the world. With rail coverage, trucking, barge, and depots, you don’t need to transact with multiple suppliers or coordinate several hand overs.

Barcelona - Zaragoza Reefer train import
Barcelona - Zaragoza dry train
Valencia - Madrid train connection dry
Algeciras - Cordoba
Barcelona - Burgos
Barcelona- Pamplona
Barcelona - Azuqueca
Algeciras - Madrid
Trucking from all ports


Please note the following restrictions that apply.

  • No imo 1 & 7 / special equ / no active reefer on rail combined solutions.
  • Reefer active on railco services only allowed in Barcelona - Zaragoza corridor
  • IMO Tipe 1 & 7 are not admitted for inland transport, except 1.4s
  • Gross weight limitations for inland transport authorised see table on the side
  • All reefer inlands must be added a cool service generator
  • MHE surchartge of 25 EUR/cntr for cntrs which are not going to do inland with us

20' 26.000 ----------
40' 24.500 25.500
45' 24.000 25.000
20' Reefer 26.000 (-1000 with Generador) ----------
40' Reef /High Reefer 24.500 (-1000 with Generador)

Inland transport

You can view inland haulage tariffs for Spain online.


Please check availability and total price with our Sales Department

Night / weekend delivery 90
Multistop 50
Customs Stop 50
Export Reefer Gen-set 25% (IHE)
Import Reefer Gen-set 80 EUR
Dangerous cargo 25% (IHE)
Specialized chassis (tilt chassis or others) as from 25% IHE.  Please check availability and final price
Overweight (40DRY above 24.500KG) 25%(IHE)
Waiting time (3 Free hours) 32/Hour
Waiting time (Day) 300

Merchant Haulage Export 25
Merchant Haulage Import  30 


Let Sealand take the hassle out of arranging inland transport. Our dedicated intermodal dispatch team handles the inland process making sure your cargo arrives at its destination on time.

Thanks to the preferential slots we get from our rail-operating partners, we can offer you a flexible service at very competitive rates. We’ve worked hard to optimize our rail offering, which has allowed us to reduce our reliance on road transport and lowered our environmental impact.

We’re always happy to tailor our intermodal solutions to fit your needs, and would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your business and how we can help you to operate more effectively.

We have created an online site that guarantees you full access to our database so you can find our prices of Inland transport.

Knowing the rate you are looking for is as easy as entering the username and password, which we indicate below:

Click here to access our Inland Rates!

User: apmdmz\invitado
Password: Intermodal1

Important Notes

  • If no port is selected, the three cheapest options appear
  • The price of the truck applies to containers 20 ', 40' and 45 'not having any charge by size of container
  • All prices are in Euros
  • The fuel surcharge is not included in the price
  • The fuel surcharge applies as follows:
    • Bilbao Port: 3%
  • In the case of not getting search results, click on any of the items listed on the top bar:

    For transportation by truck, both Import and Export
    Combined transport for Export
    Combined transport for Import

For more information and to discuss how we can help take care of your inland transportation needs, contact us today

please read our general conditions for Inland haulage below

General Conditions For Inland Haulage

1. Maximum Gross Weight authorized as per container type is:

20´ Dry 26.000 Kg.
40´ Dry 24.500 Kg. 25.500 Kg.
45´ 24.000 Kg. 25.000 kg.
20´ Reefer 26000 (with genset 1000 kgs less) -------------------
40’ Reeferf/40Hcrf 24500 (with genset 1000 kgs less) 25500 ((with genset 1000 kgs less)


* It is not possible to perform transport of containers above maximum authorized gross weight. If the above weights are exceeded the container must have the excess weight removed before proceeding onto the roads. Note. This weight is removed by the expense and personnel (labor) of client or their agent

2. Transport with tri-axle chassis will be performed whenever it’s required although customer has not requested it and will not be exempted from payment. In the case of transport requiring a tri-axle chassis shipper / receiver shall be required to specifically request it. For export containers, in the case of not requesting tri-axle any cost that is generated by failed transport will be charged to the shipper. For import containers, the carriage is performed whenever the transport requires tri-axle regardless of whether client has requested it or not, it should be invoiced accordingly.

3. When ground transportation is under the responsibility of Seago Line (Carrier Haulage), the waiting time to load / unload the container at the customer's premises is 3 hours from which the corresponding rate applies. The above mentioned applies to all Spanish ports except Bilbao (4 hours). In cases of multi-stop, the first stop will have three hours free, and each additional stop two hours, not counting travel time between them. Customs stop is three hours free.

4. Demurrage and Detentions.
The demurrage in imports will be generated as from the day of the container being physically charged on ground in the terminal up until when container has departed the terminal for delivery to the warehouse of client. The demurrage in exports are generated when the time spent in terminal of full container before loading on a ship exceeds the time agreed or stipulated in the rate, at the request of the client himself or omission of customs duties, documentary or others.
Detentions mean the costs which are incurred from when the shipper or receiver / consignee or their agents or representatives, pick up a container at terminal at origin or destination for transport to customer's house and does not return the container (and is full (for export) or empty (on import) to the terminal assigned by the shipping within free days agreed or stipulated in rates.

5. We do not accept claims for transports passed one business day after the date of delivery or positioning.

6. Rail restrictions: Reefer cargo, oversized cargo and Dangerous goods (IMO class 1 and 7) are not accepted.

7. Any special platform must be booked at least 3 days prior to transport and wait for confirmation of availability from the shipping company

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If you want to speak to a sales person about a new shipment or have a question about your existing shipment, you can email us. If you have a more immediate question, you can search for help online or contact us by phone.