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台灣當地進口費用收費標準表 Taiwan Import Local Charges

Charge Type
Document Fee
TWD 1650/bl
Document Amandment fee
TWD 1650/bl
Terminal Handling charge
TWD 5800/20DRY
TWD 7000 for 40DRY/40H
TWD 7280/20RF
TWD 9100 for 40RF/40HRF
TWD 5800/20 OT (開頂櫃)
TWD 7000 for 40OT/40FR (40呎開頂櫃/平板櫃)
Switch Document fee
TWD 3000/bl
Bill of Lading split fee
TWD 1650/set
EDI submission fee
TWD 200/set
Cross payment fee/freight collection fee
TWD 1750


  1. 台灣進口附加費均以台幣TWD計價
  2. For details on charges to/from Russia, please contact your local SEALAND representatives.

散貨拆櫃與併櫃費率 CFS stripping tariff

Effective: 01-October-2017

櫃型/Type 材積重量(CBM/TON) 拆櫃併櫃費用 (Stripping Fee)
20DRY 超過或等於20 CBM/TON
(>= 20 CBM/TON)
NTD 8600
小於20 CBM/TON
(<20 CBM/TON)
NTD 5800
40D/40H/45H 超過或等於30 CBM/TON
(>= 30 CBM/TON)
NTD 14000
(< 30 CBM/TON) NTD 7000

台灣進口場內外延滯費 Taiwan Import Demurrage & Detention

Import Demurrage + Detention combined

DRY 20' 40' 45'
Days 1-7 free free free
Days 8-12  700  1000 1200
13 days and above 1400 2400 2500
REEFER 20' 40'
Days 1-4 free free
Days 5-9 1200 2000
10 days and above 2400 3600
Flat Rack/Open Top/Tank 20' 40'
Days 1-4 free free
Days 5-9 1200 2000
10 days and above 2400 3600


  • 貨櫃免費期起算日自卸貨日或重櫃進場當日開始計算。依每櫃卸貨/進站時間個別分別計算。
  • 延滯費之計費以日曆天為基準。週六與週日皆視為日曆天,但國定假日與農曆新年假期不予計算。
  • 台灣進口附加費均以台幣計價,並另加5%營業稅。
  • Free time is calculated from the day that container discharged, or the day that full container gate-in of each container.
  • Saturday and Sunday are counted. However, National Holidays and Chinese New Year Holiday are excluded.
  • The above-mentioned Taiwan local surcharges are all in TWD, and subject to a VAT charge of 5%.

以下為國定假日,不列入免費期計算。National Holiday listed below, which is excluded from freetime calculation

National Holiday of 2020
Date ( DD-MM) 2020
Holiday Description
01-Jan New Year
23-Jan ~ 29-Jan Chinese New Year
28-Feb 228 Holiday
2-Apr ~ 04-Apr Tomb Sweeping
01-May Labor Holiday
25-Jun ~ 26-Jun Dragon Boat Festival
1-Oct ~ 02-Oct Mid-Autumn Festival
9-Oct~10-Oct National Holiday

台灣進口限制 Taiwan Import Restriction

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