Shipping in Tunisia

Get up-to-date local information about import procedures and restrictions, demurrage and detention, container pick-ups and more.

Demurrage / Detention / Free time

Demurrage and detention

Effective April 1st, 2015

Port Dry and special equipment Reefer containers
Tunis / Sfax 12 Days 5 Days


Per : Calendar day

After freetime expiration, below tariffs (TND) apply:

20 DRY 40 DRY & HD 45 DRY 20 OT 40 OT & FR 20 REEF 40 REEF
12 -> 21 jours 30 60 90 120 120
Beyond 21 days 35 70 100 140 140
05 -> 10 days 120 120
Beyond 10 days 140 140

Local Charges

Tunisia destination charges (Local charges in TND) have to be paid imperatively in Tunisia due to local regulation.

DCF (Dangerous cargo documentation fee) should always be collect, settled in Tunisia.

Detention & Demurrage charges are payable in TND.                                                                    

Port storage charges should be paid directly by the consignee to port authorities with no involvement from shipping line.

Star Container charges must be paid directly by the consignee to Star container. 


1.IMO :

Imports of IMO CLASS1 & CLASS 7 are not acceptable.

As there is no Fire park in Tunisian ports, IMO units are subject to direct delivery (direct pick up from vessel) and immediate evacuation out of the port. 

It's not acceptable to combine IMO shipments with non IMO shipments, for goods destined to Tunisia, as per local customs restriction

2. Used tires are not accepted in Tunisia.

Manual Documentation Fee

From November 1st 2016, all shipping instruction submissions for your shipments must be submitted through or any other online platform (EDI, INTTRA etc.).

In case that you still wish to submit the shipping instructions manually, a Manual Documentation Fee (MDF) is applied.

The Manual Documentation Fee will be: 25 USD / bill of lading

Email your local office

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