Shipping in Turkey

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Vessel Deadlines

Ambarli Marport Terminal Services & cut-offs
Gemlik Borusan Terminal Services & cut-offs
Iskenderun Limak Terminal Services & cut-offs
Izmir Aliaga Port Services & cut-offs
Mersin Port of Mersin Services & cut-offs
Izmit Izmit Port Services & cut-offs
TEKIRDAG Asyaport Services & cut-offs
MSC  MARPORT ANA Terminal Services & cut-offs
ARKAS MARPORT ANA Terminal Services & cut-offs

Export BA id


Please see Export Demurrage (storage) tariff for each Turkish port under Vessel Deadlines section
Export demurrage will start to be calculated from “full container is moved inside terminal or depot” to “Full container is loaded on board vessel

1. Special equipment means Flat Racks and Open Top equipment
2. IMO cargo follows the free days of DRY containers
3. High cube and 9’6’’ equipment is considered equal to 8’6’’ equipment


Valid as from 8 June 2014, for all Turkish ports

Dry containers [10] calendar days (between day of gate-out container from depot and day of gate-in date to the port)
Special/Reefer containers [5] calendar days

Charges per calender day after freetime expires for all Turkish ports

Freetime Day Amount (USD)
20' dry 1-10 Free
11-15 USD 10
16-20 USD 20
>21 USD 50
40' dry 1-10 Free
11-15 USD 20
16-20 USD 40
>21 USD 80
20' reefer/special equipment 1-5 Free
6-10 USD 35
11-15 USD 60
>16 USD 85
40' reefer/special equipment 1-5 Free
6-10 USD 70
11-15 USD 120
>16 USD 170

Local Charges

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