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No Deal Brexit

If No Deal Brexit goes ahead the Community Status of cargo between the UK and the EU will drop as on 23:59 Central European Time on 31st October 2019.
Please be aware that if any of the below is not followed, there may be additional demurrage and detention charges for export and import cargo.

For All Export Cargo from the UK

  • We will go ahead with a No SI No Load Policy so that we can cater for being outside of the EU and fulfil the manifest requirements of shipping cargo into the EU (either destination, transshipment port or port calls).
  • Any units bound for EU and not loaded on board a vessel prior to the deadline will require full import customs clearance. We will not be able to ship the cargo as Community Status or raise a T2L for the goods. The good news in that this is a service that we can offer (UCR).
  • UK origin cargo that is not customs cleared at an EU destination prior to the deadline will require a full import customs clearance entry. Any T2L in place will not be able to be used to clear the cargo, even if the cargo was discharged before the deadline. This may have duty implications for the consignee.

For All Import Cargo into the UK

  • Any EU origin cargo not customs cleared into the UK before the deadline will require full  import customs clearance entry, even if a T2L has been raised for the cargo and even if the cargo was discharged prior to the deadline. This may have duty implications for the consignee.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about moving cargo after Brexit or want to know what you can do to prepare, please click here to be directed to the government website.

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