Local Regulations

Know you’re in safer hands. At Sealand – a Maersk company, we always follow local regulations and shipping specifications to ensure safer and quicker passage for your cargo. 

Constant care from pick up to delivery

From international standards to specific local rules, we make sure that all relevant regulations and shipping specifications are fully implemented. 

China Customs Advanced Manifest (CCAM) 

The China Customs Advanced Manifest (CCAM) requires that we submit a complete and correct cargo manifest for all cargo travelling into and out of Mainland China ports – 24 hours before the cargo is loaded onto our vessels. 

To avoid fines or other penalties, you must provide us with the necessary information in good time. You can do this using our e-platform. As your shipper, we’re here to help – so If you have any questions or need assistance, just let us know. 

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The UK modern slavery act

The UK Modern Slavery Act is intended to stop modern forms of slavery, ranging from abusive working conditions and withholding wages to the use of trafficked labour.  

We comply fully with the requirements of the UK Modern Slavery Act and produce a joint statement annually with the other companies in the Maersk Group.


Verified Gross Mass (VGM)

To keep your cargo, our vessels and our people safe, we comply with all regulations regarding Verified Gross Mass (VGM).

Verified Gross Mass (VGM) is the weight of the cargo, including dunnage and bracing, plus the tare weight of the containerKnowing the accurate gross mass of a packed container is critical to ensuring correct stowage and stacking, and to avoid the possible collapse of container stacks or loss of your cargo overboard. 

To ensure greater safety, we comply with the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) amendment, which covers container-weighing regulations. packed container is only allowed on board our vessels if its Verified Gross Mass (VGM) has been provided by the shipper to the ocean carriers and/or port terminal representatives before the load list cut-off date. 

Please provide the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) for your containers in a shipping document, either as part of the shipping instruction or in a separate communication. There are two ways to verify the gross mass of your containers.

  • Method 1: Weigh the container after it has been packed.
  • Method 2: Weigh all the cargo and contents of the container and add those weights to the container’s tare weight as indicated on the door end of the container.

If the VGM information is not shared in time, your containers will not be loaded. There are no exceptions to this rule. You can easily submit Verified Gross Mass (VGM) using our e-platform.

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  • Impact on the Vendor
  • Get an overview of how the VGM regulation was formed 

Standard Bunker Adjustment Factor

SBF Levels per TEU (USD)
Country / Corridor Quantum(USD)
All IAS countries within MCC scope to South Korea * 150 300
South China to South Korea 150 300
East China and North China to South Korea 220 440
South Korea to Japan 125 250
All other countries / corridors 0 0
* excluding Bangladesh, East China, North China, South China and Russia