Emergency Bunker Surcharge

Published on 28 August 2018

Dear Valued Customer,

The increase in bunker price in 2018 has been significantly higher than what had been expected. The increase is more than 15% compared to the beginning of 2018.

Due to this unexpected development, MCC has decided to introduce an Emergency Bunker Surcharge (EBS) as a necessary action to ensure a continued sustainable service to our customers.

EBS will be applicable to all origins except Mainland China & Hong Kong to all destinations*, effective 1st July 2018

The surcharge tariffs are as follows:

EBSThe emergency charge level will be reviewed as and when significant increase or reduction of key shipping cost elements occurs.

We thank you for your understanding and continued support. Should you have any questions, concerns or clarifications, you may reach out to your local MCC Transport representatives.


Yours Faithfully,

MCC Transport Singapore Pte. Ltd

*For details on charges to/from Russia, please contact your local MCC Transport representatives.

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