Aspire Story: Never Stop Learning

Published on 28 August 2018

Now leading the Customer Service team in MCC Bangladesh as the team’s Manager, Tanim shares that the greatest lesson he learned in his 7-year career with MCC is to “never stop learning.”


It was 2011 during a cold winter at Heathrow Airport in UK when Tanim sent his application online for a vacancy in MCC using the airport’s free Wi-Fi.

It was time for him to go back to Bangladesh after finishing his Masters in Supply Chain Management in Edinburgh. In just a few months, he got the job as Customer Service Specialist at MCC which Tanim describes as the start of his journey to never-ending learning experiences with shipping.

Now leading the Customer Service team in MCC Bangladesh as the team’s Manager, Tanim shares that the greatest lesson he learned in his 7-year career with MCC is to “never stop learning.”

Being open to new ideas and experiences was his way of building his career, starting with his role as CS Specialist.


 Journey to endless possibilities

All Tanim wanted when he first started out was to do his job well as a CS Specialist.

He took every training and on-the-job experiences to heart, absorbing everything he can learn along the way. Being part of Customer Service gave him an opportunity to interact with a myriad of teams, giving him varying perspectives in the shipping industry. Looking back, Tanim felt that this was an excellent training ground, and that it prepared him for his future endeavors in the company.

After 9 months in Customer Service, he moved to the Trade and Marketing team.

“It was a turning point in my professional life - being a Trade and Marketing Specialist - because I got the chance to be a part of core commercial decisions. I really learned a lot about effective decision-making and leadership,” Tanim shares.

Continuously picking up new skills and taking calculated risks proved to be beneficial for Tanim as these paved the way for his promotion in 2015 as Trade & Marketing Manager.

Likewise, he also attributes part of his success to his colleagues and an enriching work environment. “Take advantage of this beautiful culture of sharing of knowledge that we have in MCC.” He says.



Nothing beats experience

In 2017, Tanim was given the opportunity to go back to his roots in Customer Service. This time, however, the role would be at the helm of the team as Customer Service Manager of MCC Bangladesh. This was a challenge that he happily accepted.

Naheen Kaiser, Country Manager of MCC Bangladesh, fully believed that Tanim is exactly the right person for the role, “Tanim has never limited his willingness to contribute beyond the assigned responsibilities. He’s focused, driven and passionate.”

His first year as CS Manager had its fair share of challenges, not the least of which is the cyber crisis that hit the organization in the middle of 2017. Nevertheless, he took these challenges head-on, finding quick fixes and long-term solutions.

“As we all know, Customer Service is one of the most heavily impacted teams during the cyber crisis since we are in touch with our customers daily,” Tanim reminisced. “Being new and responsible for the team, I had to tackle the situation alongside the team and through teamwork, we all did it.”

It’s during these kinds of situations where the qualities of focus, teamwork and leadership tested. Tanim’s experience in the fields of Trade and Marketing and Customer Service have definitely equipped him to face more challenges in the coming years.

To those who want to start a career in the industry, Tanim says “Never stop learning. MCC is the best place to learn shipping, an ideal company to work with pride.” 



ASPIRE is a series of career stories that puts inspirational MCC employees and leaders in the spotlight. It aims to share unique and invigorating career journeys and experiences to highlight MCC’s proud culture of “Daring to try”