Sealand Russia Business Continuity Plan for COVID-19

Published by Sealand Europe and Mediterranean on 23 March 2020

Sealand has a strong global organization and logistics network necessary to help your company perform All The Way through the challenges of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Short and long term disruptions are a part of modern business - and we have helped our customers navigate through unique supply chain challenges before. For COVID-19, our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for you is to leverage our One Company approach to our business functions, vessel, port and logistics network and be agile enough – to “flex” to your company’s situation and the inherent, ongoing changes to your supply chain flow.

In brief, our plan focuses on key touch points involving people, operations and assets:

Office employees: Our contingency is to have employees work remotely from home. Most of them have company laptops or can access company emails and Microsoft Office software via their home internet. Greater China, South Korea, Iran, Italy and Austria are office locations currently operating on a contingency basis now.

Sales organization: We are structured by vertical segment – so contingency-wise, we have specialized knowledge and competencies resident in each segment team. Sales team is equipped with corporate mobile phones and laptops, enabling remote work and constant support to your business needs.

Customer Service Business Continuity Plan: In Russia we operate 3 main Customer Service centers: Saint-Petersburg (North-West region), Novorossiysk (South region), Kaliningrad (West region) – that are tested every year with severe weather and all our offices have business continuity procedures in place to ensure complete customer service access and coverage. Additionally, there are customer service colleagues that work in smaller satellite offices. Most of our Customer Service employees can work remotely using their company laptops (and we are equipping the balance with laptops in the weeks ahead) – and we are also able to share workloads and time zone coverage amongst our three offices in Russia and our BCPs enable us to seek support throughout the Maersk network as needed to provide uninterrupted service.
We encourage you to use various functionalities on our website Sealandmaersk, which enable you to perform all the necessary transactions online, from home, with no need to go to the office. We would recommend to issue SWB instead of Original Bills of Lading for import cargo and/ or print out Bills of Lading at your own site for export bookings to decrease face-to-face communication and meetings.

Vessel crews in our fleet: We are only doing crew changes and shore leave in low risk ports. We’re observing precautionary measures on board - and with visitors to ships. We’re complying with the guidelines of local authorities in each port. Our seafarer capacity is sufficient.

Ships: We have designed our fleet strategy to be responsive to the demands of customer’s cargo volumes and market fluctuations. We are monitoring the situation carefully every day by listening to our customers plans, analyzing bookings and loadings in each trade lane and making decisions on equipment flows.

Ports: In the North-West region of Russia we operate two ports and three container terminals, Ust-Luga(ULCT terminal) and St. Petersburg(FCT and PLP terminals); Novorossisyk port has three different port terminals NUTEP, NCSP, NLE - to call depending on situation.

In each region we offer the capacity and a number of routing options and can serve cargo on above mentioned terminals as backup of each other. Globally, as one of the largest port operators, with APM Terminals global terminal network, we have the necessary port capacity and port operations to give your supply chain the flexibility, capacity and routing choices necessary to serve your unique needs. Equally important, as the largest ocean carrier in the world we are able to tap into our preferential berthing agreements in most every port due to our longstanding port relationships and volume throughput.

Container equipment: Our contingency is to use our multiple liner strings and trade lanes to move equipment flows into and out of Russia.

IT infrastructure: We are responding from a technology point of view to support an increase in the work from home capability and capacity in line with our contingency plans and existing capabilities for remote access, supported by cloud-enabled software-as-a-service.

Phones: Our employees have access to company mobile phones and internet phones.

Trucking and Intermodal: We have agreements with trucking companies in all regions throughout Russia and all class I rail operators to serve the changing needs of the situation.

Customs House Brokerage: Our expertise in helping your supply chain is more important than ever to manage COVID-19’s impact on your RU Customs entries, financial risk and tariff mitigation plans. Our daily COVID-19 updates are posted on Sealandmaersk to keep you informed of any network changes – please bookmark this page. Should you have any questions please contact your local Sealand representative. We look forward to working you to manage your logistics and the COVID-19 business impact.