Here at Sealand Asia, our mission is to make shipping and logistics as easy as possible for our you. That's why we place great value in every feedback we get from all our customers. In this newsletter we'd like to show you a few examples of how we've studied your feedback, some of the steps we've taken to address them and our progress so far.

We have gotten better at answering your calls

CSLS Newsletter

Your responses to our survey told us that we were taking too long to answer your calls. We then started monitoring the number of calls that we could not get to in time and found that 5.4% of all our inbound calls are dropped as a result of the long wait times.

We’ve since taken steps to address this, including assigning more people during peak hours to answer calls hours and organised break periods into shifts to ensure that we always have agents available to answer your calls as soon as possible.

As of May 2020, our dropped calls have gone down from 5.4% to just 2.1%.

We're getting faster at responding to your queries

CSLS Newsletter

You also told us that we were not responding to your queries in a timely manner. Our goal is to respond or at least acknowledge all queries (if we need to investigate) within the same working day.

We have streamlined our processes so that we give the appropriate attention to each query and this has led to faster resolution of the more straight forward queries and improved handling of cases that require investigation.

Overall we have improved from 92% to 96% of all cases being reverted on time.

Seabot was born

CSLS Newsletter

Lastly, you told us that you needed a faster and easier way to get in touch with us, and we needed to be more responsive. So, we developed and launched SeaBot, our virtual assistant.

Through SeaBot, customers can get instant answers to questions on shipment tracking, shipment related information, calculating Detention & Demurrage charges, getting general information of Sealand Asia offices.

SeaBot is currently available in all the major chat apps (Messenger, WhatsApp, Zalo, Viber, LINE, Kakao Talk, WeChat etc) in 12 countries across Asia, with China going live very soon in August 2020.

Chat with SeaBot here

These are just a few of the many project streams we have in place to continuously improve your experience when shipping with us. And it’s all thanks to you and your valuable feedback. 

Our Customer Service Survey - facilitated by our 3rd party partner Ipsos MORI - is currently ongoing from June 29 to July 17. If you or your colleagues received an invitation, we highly encourage you to participate and keep letting us know how we can improve further 

Thank you and we look forward to your responses! 

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