Our portal sealandmaersk.com simplifies each step of transporting your goods. You get to be in complete control of your cargo right from choosing a route to making the final invoice payment. And it’s available for you 24/7, wherever you may be.

We’re also constantly adding new functionalities on sealandmaersk.com to help make your day-to-day transactions faster and easier. 

Apart from the basic functions of booking and submitting documentation, here are some cool online features you might not know of:


  1. Approve and Amend Verify Copies Online

    If you want to change details in your Verify Copy, you can quickly do so simply by re-submitting your Shipping Instruction directly on sealandmaersk.com. 

    You can also review, amend and approve payer and payment terms, all with a click of a button to ensure accurate invoicing and to avoid disputes. Can’t find the payer party you want? You can provide the details by using ‘Add New’ option.

    Once you’re happy with the information, you can now download, print or forward the approved Verify Copy to your colleagues.

  2. Automated Shipment Status and Arrival Notifications

    Too busy to call or email to know the status of your shipment? You can use your BL or shipment number to get real-time tracking information such as arrival schedule and status and shipment location on sealandmaersk.com or our mobile app. 

    You can also set up your notifications so you automatically receive updates related to changes in the arrival or departure dates of your shipments, port and terminal changes, or vessel and voyage changes. You also have control over who receives these updates, and how often you want to be informed.

  3. Online Delivery Orders

    You can now skip the call and email wait times for Delivery Orders too – just request for yours on sealandmaersk.com! 

    Online, you will see the shipment’s cargo release and finance status and you can also select the party you want to release your cargo too.

  4. Detention & Demurrage Calculator

    With our new Detention and Demurrage Calculator, you can check your free days, last free date and calculate applicable rates based on your selected pick-up / return dates. With visibility on your shipment’s estimated arrival time, you can make necessary arrangements for the pick-up and drop-off of your containers. 

    Just login, go to your dashboard and click on 'View information on demurrage & detention'.

  5. Easy access to invoices and receipts

    In MyFinance you can quickly find all your payment records in a single repository. Here you can view and download all your invoices whether open or paid, check your account balance as well as raise or monitor disputes. Also with the customizable Statement feature, you can create the overview that better suits the nature of your business while also being able to download it in CSV, PDF or Excel format, whichever is the most suitable for connecting to your accounting systems.


These are just a few of the many tools you can use to make your daily transactions faster, easier and more seamless. Discover more ways to simplify your logistics here.

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