We would like to announce that our Sealand Spot product is launching on Sealandmaersk.com for trades to and from the United States starting Nov 2nd

The solution supports your supply chain with guarantees for equipment and loading.  The prices and charges are transparent, and booking is available to any party via Sealandmaersk.com.

As you may know, within the US, ocean shipping is regulated by the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) and as such there are rules we must follow with regards to filing contracts.  As Spot is a dynamic, digital booking solution – each booking is a contract and therefore comes with necessary legalities to protect cargo and shipment owners. 

Should you work with a Booking service or agent, or you are a booking service or agent, it will be required to submit a Letter of Authority (LOA) ANNUALLY in order for the booking service to accept the Spot contract on behalf of the price owner when booking. If you, as the price owner do not use a booking service, you will not need to follow to the below process.

The LOA may be a new or known process for you, however it is to ensure that no one else is permitted to make a booking without the price owner’s consent.  Without this document we will not be able to ship the cargo when using Sealand Spot.

Submitting your LOA now will ensure you are able to produce more shipments per day without interruption.

As we get closer to November 2nd we will have more details to share with you on the Sealand Spot US functionality and options that will be available in this 1.0 launch, with future improvements to come in 2021. 

Your business is important to us.  Please reach out to our Customer service team or your sales representative if you have any questions about the document or submission process or visit our website for local Information.

We look forward to continuously serving your ocean and inland transportation needs with Sealand Spot.

LOA need to know details:

  • The LOA template can be downloaded here
  • The price owner must use letterhead, fill in the form and sign the document
  • Either the price owner or Booking agent can scan the LOA as a PDF and email to GSCFMCLOA@sealandmaersk.com
  • For every price owner to booking agent relationship, there must be one LOA
  • If the LOA is not received within 48 hours of booking confirmation, the shipment will be canceled
  • The LOA is only necessary to submit once per year

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