The BREXIT transition period will expire on 31st December 2020 23:00 GMT the United Kingdom is due to leave the European Commission under the terms of the Northern Ireland Protocol special consideration has been made to protect Northern Ireland cargo due to its soft border with the Republic of Ireland. Under this agreement Northern Ireland does leave the European Commission with the rest of the UK but remains part of the European Customs Union There a grace period of 6 months given for the trades from European Union to Great Britain but any cargo movement from Great Britain to European Union will require an existing Entry Summary Declaration (ENS).

Therefore, it is an important specially for the short transit services from Great Britain and European Union to follow the Advance Security filing procedures as from 31st December 2020 Great Britain will be treated as any other country outside European Customs Union.

Any cargo movement from Great Britain to European Union will require an Advance Security filing – Entry Summary Declaration to EU Customs. This is the same procedure followed for cargo movement from any third country to European Union. This also covers the transshipment and Freight Remain On Board (FROB) cargo. Hence the customers are required to submit the Shipping Instructions at least 34 hours prior vessel arrival at Great Britain.

There is a new Advance Security filing required for the cargo moving from Rest of the World to Great Britain which is called Safety & Security (S&S) Declaration which will be submitted to S&S GB system. GB EORI number is required to be submitted in the Shipping Instructions for the Consignee and First Notify Party for the shipments from Rest of the World to GB. Again, this filing covers all Import, transshipment and Freight Remain on Board (FROB) cargo. Therefore, the customers are requested to submit the shipping instructions at least 34 hours prior vessel arrival at last foreign port before the vessel arrives in Great Britain Customs water.

There is no S&S declaration required till 30th June 2021 for the cargo movements from European Union including Northern Ireland to Great Britain.

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