As the consequence of crew resource limitation caused by COVID-19 quarantine requirement, we have received official notices from our service providers that barge service between Hong Kong and South China inland ports will be unavailable from mid-January to the end of February 2021. Therefore, the suspension of barge services will be longer than usual this year.

( A ) Special Import shipments (reefer, DG, OOG, etc.) via barges to all inland ports will be suspended from 1ST January.

( B ) Dry Import shipments via barges to below locations will be suspended in three phases as follows ( Please also refer to the appendix uploaded below)

Phase 1 (1st January): Yangpu, Haikou

Phase 2 (9th January): Beihai, Fangcheng, Qinzhou, Doumen, Gaolan, Gaoming, Gaoyao, Gongyi, Huadu, Huangpu(Jisi), Huangpu(Wuchongkou),
Jiaoxin, Lianhuashan, Nangang, Qing-yuan, Sanshui, Shuidong, Taiping, Wuzhou, Zhanjiang.
Meanwhile, imports into other feeder ports(those mentioned in Phase 3) will be routed via Nansha.

Phase 3 (26th January): Beijiao, Huangpu, Jiujiang, Leliu, Rongqi, Sanshan, Shatian, Xiao-lan, Xinhui, Xintang, Yunfu, Zhaoqing, Zhongshan, Zhuhai.

( C ) Import barge services will be gradually resumed from 22nd February.

( D ) Import service on IA28 into Qinzhou and IA12 into Shantou remains unchanged.

( E ) During the barge suspension period, customers are highly recommended to pick up the import shipments directly from Nanshan, Chiwan and Yantian under carrier haulage or merchant haulage.

( F ) Below-mentioned commodities are not accepted on barge services via Nansha because of Customs restriction:

  1. Woods
  2. Hides
  3. Wastepaper
  4. Scrap metal
  5. Machinery Related
  6. Auto parts
  7. Personal goods
  8. Rice

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