For many of us, 2020 has been an extraordinary year, full of unique circumstances and unprecedented, never-before-seen challenges. 

As we go forward in 2021, we take with us all the learnings we picked up over the past year, but of course there are also some things that are better off left behind in 2020. 

Here are a few shipping and logistics practices that we can say goodbye to as we start a fresh, new year:

Goodbye to manual bookings, documentations and surcharge calculation

Over the course of this year, shipping and logistics companies may have faced challenges with city lockdowns and office closures, which may have impacted the delivery of critical shipping documents and processes.

These challenges highlighted the importance of easy-to-use and reliable online platforms to deliver essential services such as booking amendments and confirmation, delivery orders and invoices, even while working from home or elsewhere. as an example has introduced several enhancements to the platform that makes it easier for customers to amend bookings, request for their delivery orders, find their invoice and get calculations for detention and demurrage

Goodbye to long wait times to get support for shipments

On top of optimizing internal processes, a multitude of industries have also modernized their online support channels to answer customer concerns faster and improve customer experience overall. The same can be said for the shipping and logistics industry.

Live chat agents and AI-powered chatbots are also growing in popularity, giving customers more options on how they can get answers to their questions without having to wait for someone to pick up the phone or respond to an email.

Availability of tutorials also empower customers to do self-service which gets certain tasks done much faster and reduces the time and effort spent on waiting for a call to be attended to.

For Sealand customers, the following support channels are available:

  • LiveChatto get real-time support related to technical issues on our website e.g. password reset and registration issues      
  • Online Case Managementto get support for more complex queries. Cases are assigned unique case numbers that make it easier to track and get notified of updates     
  • SeaBot (available for Asia shipments)to get instant answers for queries such as shipment status and tracking, detention & demurrage calculation, local charges and more.

Goodbye to manual finance transactions

When social distancing measures became the ‘new normal’, queuing up at banks, remittance centers or offices to get invoices or make payments are less than ideal. Fortunately, many service providers have enabled online delivery of invoices and secure, online payments so customers no longer have to go anywhere physically to make these finance transactions. In certain platforms, these finance documents and payment options are readily available without having to speak to a customer service agent, further simplifying and speeding up finance processes.

You can try MyFinance on to experience the benefits of online finance management first-hand. 


And there you have it - three shipping and logistics practices that we can leave behind in 2020. Happy new year!

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