In line with our previous communication around EFF, we have monitored the low sulphur bunker price for the period associated to Mar 2021.

Please be informed that the average bunker price applicable for the period associated to Mar 2021 is as per table below.

Ave. Fuel Price in Time Period EFF tariff reference *Type of fuel reference Average Bunker Price
Ave. Fuel Price in Time Period
16th Dec-2020 to 15th Jan-2021
EFF tariff reference
Mar 2021
*Type of fuel reference
0.5% Sulphur Fuel Oil (SYM:MFSPD00)
Average Bunker Price

*Source from Bunkerworld, Singapore port (base port for Sealand Asia’s bunker reference)

In this review, the average bunker price is above our Bunker price baseline threshold and an EFF tariff will be implemented.

EFF tariff calculation

Previously, we had set last used reference of high-sulphur fuel price (IFO380) which is USD 409.4/MT as “Bunker price baseline”. The EFF tariff will be calculated as the price difference between this Bunker price baseline and low sulphur fuel (the fuel price for 0.5% Sulphur Fuel Oil). The fuel price difference is then multi-plied by a trade factor.  The trade factor is calculated based on actual consumption per loaded container on the trade and the trade factor for Intra-asia is 0.5.

The EFF tariff for reefer containers will be the EFF tariff for standard (dry) containers multiplied by a factor of 1.5. In the event of decimal point, it will be rounded up to the nearest digit e.g. USD2.5 will be rounded up to USD3.

As such, the Mar EFF tariffs for all origins to all destinations within Sealand Asia scope** effective 1st Mar 2021 based on vessel ETD are as follows:

Scope 20’Dry/OT/FR 40’Dry/40’Hdry/OT/FR 45’ Hdry 20’Reef 40’HRef
All countries
45’ Hdry

Tariff changes

There will be monthly reviews of the EFF, and the EFF tariff will only change in case of significant fuel price fluctuations. If the average low-sulphur fuel price change in a month (calculated from 16th in the previous month to the 15th in the current month) is more than 50 USD/ton (higher/lower) than the low-sulphur fuel price used for the last tariff calculation, this will trigger a tariff adjustment. The new tariff will be announced with 30 days’ notice.

**For details on charges from Russia, please contact your local Sealand Asia representatives.

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