Being your trusted logistics partner, Sealand is always committed to ensure the safety & security of your shipment from place of receipt to place of delivery. As a part of this drive and  in order to ensure security of the cargo for all Bangladesh-bound shipments, recommending you to follow any of the below options for placing & affixing the seal on the container:

  • Affix the container seal on the left-hand locking bar of the right container door

  • Affix the container seal at the bottom bar but with the head facing upward

This seal placement is recommended to avoid possible  operational constraints and potential issues related to seal damage/breakage caused by rough handling at berth or terminal, or by concussion or friction with rail wagon clam/guard during loading where the container seal has direct contact. Damage to the container seal exposes your shipments to safety risks, which may also lead to delivery delays and additional cost.

In order to enhance the safety of your shipments and reduce exposure to risks, we appreciate your understanding and cooperation in implementing this change for all Bangladesh-bound shipments immediately. 

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