Update 8 March 2021

With reference to previous communication on the implementation of a mandatory ECTN application (Electronic Cargo Tracking Note) for all export cargo to Libya. We can now inform that customs have pulled back the regulation until further notice. If the ECTN regulation is re-introduced, we will communicate accordingly.

In other words, for your shipments to Libya to be discharged and to get your Bill of Lading released, you no longer need an approved ECTN application. Likewise, no fines will be applicable anymore.

You may also reach out to below contacts for additional information on ECTN if interested. Email: sck@scktr.com, Mobile +90 533 213 64 06 and WhatsApp +90 216 366 17 99

Update 3 March 2021

Exports to Libya subject to ECTN application

We will like to inform, starting from 1 February 2021 all exports to Libya are subject to an ECTN application (Electronic Cargo Tracking Note) with an aim to effectively control, supervise and manage export/import import traffic of the country. For each shipment ECTN must be applied and validated by shippers at the load ports for reference/code to be inserted in the Bill of Lading's cargo description and cargo manifest. This is a fundamental requirement for import customs clearance upon arrival.

Effective from 11 March 2021, if an ECTN referemce number is missing for any delivery location in Libya, the Bill of Lading will not be released. Any shipment missing the ECTN number, containers will not be allowed discharged from the vessel and will retain on board (ROB).

The new regulation is applicable for all cargo moving from any part in the world with a final delivery location in Libya.

Example: ECTN number "000826" is a 6 digit number code.

Process of getting an Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN)
All shipments to Libya must apply for an ECTN in advance to ensure customs clearance is completed successfully in the destination port. Goods arriving in Libya without an approved ECTN will result in high fines.

For application and documents required, please visit the following link:

http://www.ectn-libya.com/ and https://creatorapp.zohopublic.com/scktemsilcilik/benin-application-form/form-perma/application/j1qrnv56zgttrqqoscbtvecrhmzfx8rqkpywckmfg8ywxgxj6ddo2d4s5sajxpzwsqd2pfb0zawdhck6dygtg6faz70tj8jyoppn/which_procedure_are_you_applying_for=libya

You may also reach out to below contacts for additional information on ECTN. Email: sck@scktr.com, Mobile +905332136406 and WhatsApp +902163661799

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