It is important for us to always stay connected. At Sealand, we are simplifying the way you do business with us.

Introducing our new Phone Solution, your fastest way to reach the team at Customer Service and allow us to assist you.

What happens next?

Starting 28th May 2021, you can reach our customer service officers by calling the number below:

+65 69832211

Please note previous phone numbers will be phased out from operation after 28th May 2021

There are several benefits to using this one-stop solution:

  • A standardised number to reach different departments within Sealand
  • Minimal manual selections on the phone
  • If your call agent is not available, you have the option to:
    * Request a call-back arrangement
    * Get connected to a back-up team
  • Direct channel to give us immediate feedback after your call in our post-call survey

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