As from 14th of June 2021, Maersk will be handling all requests for reuse of containers (triangulation) through the online portal of Avantida. We will no longer handle requests that are received through the current channels such as email or telephone.

We are convinced this new way of working will speed up the process of handling reuse requests drastically and allow for a much better transparency. The use of Avantida will be compulsory for reuse requests in Lithuania. You will be required to register an account at Avantida for Maersk reuse requests going forward. Registering is easy to do via Avantida.

The response times will be much quicker vs. today, allowing you to quickly receive confirmation or rejection and plan the trucking of units more effectively. The reuse of containers is brand neutral, meaning we allow for reusing containers between all three brands (Maersk, Sealand, Hamburg Sud). We do stress that every single reuse of a container has to be requested and may only be executed after approval is received from Maersk.

We have decided to apply the standard market rates of

  • Carrier haulage to carrier haulage: free
  • Merchant haulage to carrier haulage: free
  • Carrier haulage to merchant haulage: € 50 - per approved reuse
  • Merchant haulage to merchant haulage: € 50, - per approved reuse

We reserve the right to penalize the parties not requesting and/or not awaiting acceptance of the reuse of a container.

For more information, please contact us or/and below contact. - focal for all truckers/forwarders that have questions around setting up their account.

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