Please note that 6 digit HS code (Harmonized Code) is mandatory information requested on submission of shipping instructions for all import bookings to all Russian ports as of 15 DEC 2019.

The main difference that will be effective as of 1st of August 2021 is that in case of multiple commodities in container HS codes for ALL commodities are need to be mentioned in HS code field.

For example

  • Commodity: Household Appliances.
    Stuffed in container: Refrigirators, microwave ovens, washing machines
    HS6 codes to be mentioned: 841810, 851650, 845011
  • Commodity: Washing machines and accessories
    Stuffed in container: washing machines and small parts and accessories
    HS6 codes to be mentioned: only 845011
  • Commodity: Washing machines assembly parts
    Stuffed in container: Washing machines assembly parts
    HS6 codes to be mentioned: 845011 or different HS6 codes for assembly parts in case they were declared in export declaration.

When you are submitting your Shipping Instructions online at website please input 1 HS Code in the provided field as illustrated below

HS code Russia

All the rest HS 6 digit codes need to be provided in “Cargo Description” field each time starting with key letters HS.

For example, HS 841810, HS 851650, HS 845011.

For other channels – EDI and Inttra – HS 6 digit codes need to be provided in “Cargo Description” field with the Key word – “HS Code”.

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