We are continuing to experience increased pressure on capacity in port terminals and depots in North West Continent ports, which has been exacerbated lately due to recent weather conditions (i.e. floods in different northern European countries including Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium). These conditions have contributed to the subsequent prolonged waiting time on the inland side across all transport modes.

As a result, we must extend the Inland Peak Season surcharge until the 31st of August, 2021. As of this date, the surcharge will stop.

This surcharge will be implemented for all Carrier Haulage and Multi-carrier bookings as follows:

  • For all barge, rail and all combined intermodal transports bookings to/from the Noth West Continent main ports:
    EUR 10 per container
  • For all truck bookings to/from the North West Continent main ports:
    EUR 25 per container

As previously advised, this surcharge exists to cover the cost being imposed on us from suppliers. This will in turn ensure that we can provide sufficient capacity in the face of reduced turnaround times and impacted landside productivity of respective transport modes.

We appreciate your understanding and support to overcome this extraordinary situation together.

For further information please contact your local Sealand office.

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