Are you interested in accelerating your business’s green transformation in logistics and transportation? You can now reduce your supply chain’s CO2 footprint by using our emission free rail services, provided across Germany.

Being part of A.P. Moller – Maersk, we have partnered with ERS/ – a Hamburg-based railway company that exclusively operates emission-free electric container trains in Germany, using hydropower renewable energy.

Maersk’s and Sealand’s rail transport in Germany is set to become 100% carbon free by the start of 2022, setting ambitious carbon-neutral targets across our intermodal offerings. We are aware that you rely on us as a supply chain partner who can bring your products to market with a minimal environmental impact, supporting your business in achieving the sustainability targets. We can do so by reducing your business’s supply chain’s carbon footprint when choosing our emission-free electric container trains.

Where will the electric container trains run?
The electric container trains will be used to connect the seaport of Bremerhaven with important economic centres located across the country, including Nuremberg, Munich, Stuttgart and Mannheim. ERS/ already facilitates 85% of Maersk's and Sealand’s block-train rail services in Germany which helps saving annually over 9,000 tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere, when compared to using traditional container rail services. Explore our intermodal network here.

What difference does it particular make in Germany?
Global warming and climate change have become central topics in Germany with the 2019 Federal Climate Change Act being ruled as unconstitutional by the First Senate of the Federal Constitutional Court on 29 April 2021, after considering that the legislation did not set substantial enough targets for emission reductions before 2030.

Environmental non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Germany had long campaigned that the 2019 Federal Climate Change Act failed to drive enough action on climate change until 2030, and would create a severe burden on next generations to reduce the carbon emissions drastically in the decades to come.

The ongoing media coverage and public debates have made many of your business’s end-consumers increasingly aware of their carbon footprint and conscious of the impact that the products they buy have on the environment. One way in which your business can comply with emission-reducing legislation, and respond to the growing environmental concern among your customers, is by finding sustainable logistics partners to help you with reducing the negative environmental impacts, created within your business’s own supply chains.

Learn more here about the A.P. Moller - Maersk Group’s efforts towards making a zero-carbon future for logistics and transportation.

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